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Personal Balance

“Two sessions were like 2 years of therapy!”… S from Royal Oak Mi.  When the need to heal looms large and yet what needs expression is non-verbal,  Drop In and Draw is an incredibly effective and efficient tool. Come and try it at my new Royal Oak office.

Drop In and Draw ®

Drop In and Draw®

Are you a soldier or veteran?  I offer 3 session tutorial packages pro bono.  This is my way to thank you for your service to our country.

If you would like a tool that you can access literally anytime and anywhere you need it then this primal expression tool is a must to learn.  Simple yet quite powerful.  Please call me for more info or to schedule a tutorial at my studio office in Royal Oak.

Through Skype or Zoom we can work wherever you are if not in SE Michigan.


Live Action Drop In and Draw®