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Personal, Home and Business

Personal Balance

Ah Summer!  Life is easy, the garden is exuberant and we are ready for some fresh tasting teas.  If you buy your teas dried or in bag format, you are missing the sublime connection that fresh leaves bring.   If you have some herbs in your yard, you can make tasty teas!

Making Our Own Fresh Teas


Business Balance

Walk through my remote for a retail store in Manhattan, New York

Issue: “The ebb and flow of the store distresses me as well as my other coworkers. We all seem to walk in bright, happy and excited to start the day but by mid afternoon we are all cranky and emotionally drained. ”

Deconstruction of an Earth Balance Remote


Home Balance

“After moving into our new home, it was soon apparent that there was something out of balance. I began having sleep disturbances for the first time in my life.  I was getting out of bed in the morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck. After a few months of this pattern, it was starting to seriously impact my life and my family..”  

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