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A Constant State of Forgiveness

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Have you ever had an epiphany that felt like an article needed to be written? Well, the title came to me and felt like formal expansion was being asked for.

Where does a constant state of forgiveness come into play? Think family. Think any situation where you find you are always feeling the need to prove yourself or to be seen as the whole person you are instead of as a piece of the others’ own issues.

It makes you crazy….it makes you angry…and it makes you determined to “prove your validity”, once and for all. In as ambassadorial a way as possible, of course, since your integrity demands that you be as fair as possible.

As the years of interactions roll by, nothing really changes. Except…you change. You change because you are working to change. You change because you gain self confidence and feel more whole than ever before. Even more importantly, you begin to see that it had been your own less-than view of yourself that played the largest role in how you felt during prior stressful interactions.

With this, you begin to realize that people can be quite wrapped up in their lives and their core issues. They may not be able to see outside of themselves all that clearly.

And all of a sudden, you accept that this is OK! You absolutely accept that your relations with them are simply what they are.

From here on out, interactions that were gut wrenching to you become easier and sometimes truly enjoyable. Even more impressive, negative views of you do not rock your earth. You find yourself feeling good about who you are and about the connection that you are able to share with them – however deep or surface that may be. You allow the persons you interact with to show or tell you what level they are comfortable to be at. That level may grow deeper – or it may not ever grow deeper. And you are stunningly, absolutely, totally fine with this! Each interaction is a new chance. Each interaction is a new prayer. Each interaction is what it is.

This is the moment in which you live in a constant state of forgiveness.

It is a place of solid inner peace.