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A Tale of Two Colds

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This is the story of a husband and wife who each contracted a small cold virus, the first they’d had in years. The husband brought it home from his travels and days went by. The wife felt she should take some Echinacea tincture but for some reason just didn’t want to, even though she knew that this was her body telling her to be more defensive. 2 days in a row the wife felt strong inner nudges to get out the Echinacea tincture and ignored this, so 4 days after the husband came home with symptoms, the wife’s symptoms began to appear.


However, the wife knew energywork and decided to see how well she was working with the virus. It felt like a very mild cold even before any proactive efforts. The wife noticed, when she finally looked, that at the spirit level her flow with this virus was open. And was only partially distressed at the mind level. Mostly this was a simple body level challenge.


The wife felt to do 2 major things. First, she set to work on communicating with this virus and in just seconds the flows looked far better between she and the virus. She knew this visually through her work but also because she physically felt better immediately as well. Secondly, she began to take lots of zinc and vitamin C, both of these in formats that were food based and that she knew her body would assimilate well. She went on to do all that was in her schedule, and then some, without a real problem.


Meanwhile, the husband , who’d already been sick for 4 days, was still feeling as bad as ever. The wife told him about how he could work with this virus and feel better but the husband said “I Don’t do stuff like that”. He did take the zinc and vitamin C offered him occasionally but if the wife didn’t hand it to him, he didn’t take any time to get them in a timely manner himself. So he suffered…and he suffered…and he suffered some more.


About 8 days went by before the husband felt like the tide was turning. The wife had felt the tide turning since day one, had felt her body telling her that she could stop loading up on zinc and vitamin C by the end of day 2. From that point on it was more of a remnant affair between the wife and the virus. Not being particularly bothered, the wife didn’t bother looking at the flows or working on them anymore. The tide had turned and the wife knew that however long it now took was all part of the divine game plan overall. She was living life pretty well so it really wasn’t an issue as much as a process to finish.


And they all lived Happily ever after – although the wife was probably a bit more happy than the husband since she had less of a challenge throughout. It was also nice to have more first hand experience at working with virus’…the wife found, as before, that her article on this still holds true.


The moral of this story is that working with a virus is better than fighting with a virus.