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Achieving A State of Grounding

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adwoman2Stable.   Solid.   Strong.   Feeling at least OK and possibly fabulous wherever you are on Earth.

These are the hallmarks of groundedness.     The term “grounded” has been bandied about by everyone in the holistic industry until we want to  shy away from this word because, while we understand the premise, well, we also don’t really understand the premise!

And because we fear that we may not be so  grounded.     If we go on the principle that “you know when you know” , then we may feel like we are possibly one of the remedial students on grounding.  We’re just not sure whether we are grounded.

Grounding Is….

Grounding to me is a full circuit between we and the Earth.       A full circuit everywhere we stand …or sit, sleep, eat,work,  vacation and otherwise live our life.         We are calibrated to the Earth’s electrical and magnetic fields, to the myriad natural pulses that are  Earth’s own song of life.

When we have our feet firmly grounded, it means we are fully open and accepting of all these pulses coming from the Earth and that we have a constant reciprocating flow of energy with the Earth.      Full circuitry is a simple and, I think, practical way to look at it.

Having this full circuit flow with the Earth wherever we happen to be is one of the most critical parts of living a fulfilling and healthy life.      We need the stabilizing force of Earth’s electromagnetic field and song.         It is,  for each of us,  as critical as oxygen for astronauts in space.      Unlike the  implosion faced by astronauts who lose their oxygen, our destabilizing effects of being ungrounded  can be cumulative, insidious and are far less abrupt.          But no less important.         We will be left too vulnerable to others’ emotions, or to having hypersensitivity issues (read that as major allergies or electrohypersensitivity) , mental issues  or even, over time,  to very physical challenges.

We really do want to have a solid Earth connection.   It keeps us much healthier and happier on all levels.

Parts of Us Have it and Parts Of Us,  Not-So-Much

Everyone has strong groundedness with the Earth on some level or levels  – sometimes, however,  the question is, exactly what aspects of us have this strong connection?    And which do not?

I see this dichotomy quite a bit in my work.    Maybe the emotional body is afraid to partner with the Earth again after receiving a large trauma.   Maybe our family and relationships are fully grounded  – and thus thriving easily, which is the hallmark of great grounding  –     but our career or health are not in the same solid connection.    Maybe we make money like there is no tomorrow but cannot figure out how to land in a solid relationship.

I do find that it can often be easier to focus on reconnecting facets of ourselves  with the Earth one level or aspect  at a time rather than working with an “overall grounding” approach.  This is also more appropriate,  since we all do have layers or aspects that are well grounded,  and aspects which need some work to be solid.

Energy Work Basics For Regaining Grounding

However it is that you are most comfortable doing energy work with yourself, whether visually, through drawing, through bodywork or using a pendulum, you will want to take a look at each of the following:

Your Emotional Field and how that is interacting with the Earth where you are standing or sitting right now.     Then, choose another location to check your emotional body with – whatever comes to mind first.

If you do not see or feel a full circuitry, hold this focus – aka sacred space for healing – until you feel the circuitry between your emotional field and the earth improve

Process to do the same for your Mental field with the Earth and your Physical body with the Earth.

 Other Aspects for Groundedness

You may also wish to check the circuitry for your Career, Romance, Travel  or  any other aspect of your life that you are struggling with in relation to the energy flow interaction between this aspect of you with the Earth.      Yes, this can also include monetary abundance.    If you work with the system of chakras you can also check to see how fully each one is connected with Earth.

Being grounded is simply  a matter of being fully connected with the Earth – it is not as mysterious nor as hard to achieve as we may think.     If  we do not have certain aspects in full circuitry it merely takes a mindful, careful and consistent attention on this aspect to reconnect.

Then we can  experience the warm blessings that vital Earth energy alone can give to our life.