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Animals and Energy Work


.. what a complete turn around from a week ago. We could see a huge difference the day after you did the remote. His respiratory system cleared so he could breathe and he began to eat and drink water. I just want to say thank you so much from both myself and CHARLES! I had no idea when I adopted Charles that he had caught an upper respiratory infection and how life threatening that can be for a cat. Just a few days ago, he was literally on deaths door from the stress of this illness, not to mention being caught and thrown into an animal control facility, being neutered, given shots and then being moved around in a cage to local adoption locations in the city. Thank you so much for working with him and holding space for him to heal not only his physical body but also his emotional trauma as well. AND thank you for helping him transition to his new home and family.  You were there for us with our previous cat and we are so thankful for the work that you do with animals. It is truly a miracle! Sincerely, robi”


Animals Respond Well To Remote Energywork

Do you have a rescue animal (like Charles)? Did you know that I offer pro bono remotes for rescue animals? These are especially great for acute situations for a younger animal, (very old companions may or may not respond – this has more to do with their personal timeline than ability to heal). It is incredibly good to help all rescue animals release any emotional and mental trauma from their past life experiences.Unfortunately,  I found that Charles had an extremely large amount of both. Animals are so wondrous! I find that if you give an animal some energetic attention and help them release stress, they can bounce back incredibly fast.  I also find that they can sometimes use help to detach connections to past owners, whether they were good or not-so-good owners;  this helps them connect with you faster and more completely.

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