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Calming the Sea That is You

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This is a wonderful visualization technique that I find extremely helpful and which many people, especially children, find they are able to easily do. It is simple, and with that simplicity comes the great potential.

This is something that you and your children can do anytime, anywhere, and without any exterior tool of any kind.

 There may well be days when you will feel like doing this 5 times per day, and there may be days where you might do this only once and weeks when you don’t feel the need at all.    Every time you perform this, you are taking back your power and you are choosing to nurture yourself in a very direct manner.

The beauty of this technique extends beyond we ourselves as well. Are there others in your daily life that confuse you with their words or actions ? You may also choose to take a brief look at their “sea” as well.   I have found it is comforting to me in a deep way to know that those confusing actions or words from others are simply an outpicturing of  someone else’s rough sea.  In others, emotional eruptions don’t happen out of nowhere.  

Just to know this has many times for me turned confusion into compassion and far more patience.   At the very least, if we know that we are engaging with someone riding a rough sea then we are not surprised (traumatized) and we won’t take that on within ourselves.    


The Technique:

 Picture a large body of standing water, either ocean or lake. While doing this, the intent is that you ARE that body of water. So how does it look? Is it smooth as glass , are there some minor waves , are there a few white caps here and there or is your sea downright stormy and rough? Take as much time as you need in order to get a picture of some sort that depicts you as this sea. This can be the hardest part , because in order to do this you are pulling many layers together and awakening your intuitive skills.


Once you do have a good vision of you as this sea, then you may decide what you would like to do.   Your intention to hold this space for yourself, in the format of holding this visual, is all you need to do.   Do this with as much singleminded focus on your sea as you can.    Do this with the basic intent to help soothe whatever may not look smoothe.   And this is all you need to do alongside holding the visual honestly.    

What is critical here is your allowance to see yourself as you are now, not how you want to be.  

You can watch the waves and storms and can also watch as your sea becomes visibly calmer, which it will do now that you are holding healing space for yourself in this simple way.          

 You are the sea in your visual.    When you see this getting calmer, then you are getting calmer.        

 You can stand wherever you happen to be on Earth, and pull up the “Sea that is You”  at any time.  You can do this with eyes open or closed. You can do this however you feel will work best for you. As long as the sea is you, then that is what matters.

You may not even wish to calm your sea all the way, and that is fine.     Anything you do will be good.   You may not want to calm anything at all. Especially if you are pulling up a view of someone else’s “sea”, you may only wish to look.

If you feel guided to help them smooth their sea, then this is possible to the extent that you are centered and working in unconditional love. This is really excellent between parent and child (and vice-versa)!


Getting Fancier:


That is all there is to this technique!

If you want to explore this method in more detail then that is certainly possible. If you have calmed your sea that is you, then you have calmed what I term your whole energy field.     There are many parts and layers which you can focus on specifically. especially your emotional field.  

To do this it is the same process as before, except that now you are focusing on the Sea that IS your emotional field.      You might also want to try your Mental Field.   If you have any physical issues going on , you can focus on those but be as specific as possible.    For example, if you have an autoimmune challenge, you can focus on the Sea that is your Immune System.     Or the Sea that represents the flow happening between your immune system and your emotional field.      


Notice in this last example, the Sea represents more than one item.   It represents the interaction between two items.         The Sea  can represent anything you want.      Remember that you want to see it as it exists right now, not how you want it to be.      


As you hold this focus for yourself, you will be shifting things to a better place!     The longer or more times you hold a specific focus, the more you will be healing.   This is a passive type of healing, where you allow things to calm down as they will.     You cannot force this.     

Once you begin to see the Sea becoming calmer, you might find that you actually feel this as well!      

 May all our seas be calm. Ajo.