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Earth Healing

Sensing the Viability In Your Seeds

The Growing Season is Here !   It’s planting time again, and if you are like me, you may have a box full of past seed choices.  Every year I balance the new varieties I want to grow with those I have on hand from past years.  I have found that if I hold the […]

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  Transitioning to a new home is one of the top stressful occurrences in our life. This can be made even more so by wondering if the home / energy there will suit you and your family.     We get senses when we step into a home and often we are attracted to one […]

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Office Feng Shui for Productivity

Office Dynamics Can the spacial placement of the employees within a company affect overall performance? Absolutely!   I would term this “people feng shui”. We are used to environmental or earth feng shui, but the order and mix of personalities within any given office space can also have an enormous effect on the whole company.  There […]

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Cancer and Earth Energy

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?   On your road to recovery and health, you may want to take a look at the Earth energy your home sits upon, especially where your bed is located. Did You Know? Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, a dowser,  made an extraordinary claim that cancer was caused by ‘energy currents’  […]

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Stone Circle Transformations

Ancient Healing System or New Energy Medicine? The stone circle that you see pictured represents about 20 years of personal research, practice charting energy flow interactions and  experiences gained about healing  through my work and life. Many years ago I started playing with how to create a stone circle.  All of us can take stones […]

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True North for True Health?

Recently within a session a very interesting insight came up that I am sharing for whatever you all may find it to be worth.   I thank my client for allowing me to share some of our session. While working to strengthen the magnetic field,  all of a sudden we both felt a breakthrough and I […]

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Achieving A State of Grounding

Stable.   Solid.   Strong.   Feeling at least OK and possibly fabulous wherever you are on Earth. These are the hallmarks of groundedness.     The term “grounded” has been bandied about by everyone in the holistic industry until we want to  shy away from this word because, while we understand the premise, well, we also don’t really understand […]

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Glowing Soil, Vibrant Plants

  When we look at someone who is pulsing with happiness we might find ourselves saying something such as “you are absolutely glowing! We might want to hold the very same positive standards for the soil in our yard.    Soil, not dirt.   Dirt, as I learned long ago at university,  is what we wash […]

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The Magic of Seeds – Selected Daily Report Excepts

   Some Background Info…. Ever since I have been able to look at direct energy flow dynamics, I have been studying the dynamics behind seeds and the magic of their germination. I have over the years done a few experiments here and there to see if I can hold space for challenging seeds to germinate […]

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Strengthening our Connection To Earth

    Pick a room in your home and slowly walk over every square meter (allowing for furniture of course!) while sensing how welcomed you feel while standing there. If this is a room that you have always felt unease about overall, then before you step in there, stand in a room where you feel […]

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