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  Transitioning to a new home is one of the top stressful occurrences in our life. This can be made even more so by wondering if the home / energy there will suit you and your family.     We get senses when we step into a home and often we are attracted to one […]

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Office Feng Shui for Productivity

Office Dynamics Can the spacial placement of the employees within a company affect overall performance? Absolutely!   I would term this “people feng shui”. We are used to environmental or earth feng shui, but the order and mix of personalities within any given office space can also have an enormous effect on the whole company.  There […]

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Cancer and Earth Energy

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?   On your road to recovery and health, you may want to take a look at the Earth energy your home sits upon, especially where your bed is located. Did You Know? Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, a dowser,  made an extraordinary claim that cancer was caused by ‘energy currents’  […]

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