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Yard and Gardening

Sensing the Viability In Your Seeds

The Growing Season is Here !   It’s planting time again, and if you are like me, you may have a box full of past seed choices.  Every year I balance the new varieties I want to grow with those I have on hand from past years.  I have found that if I hold the […]

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Glowing Soil, Vibrant Plants

  When we look at someone who is pulsing with happiness we might find ourselves saying something such as “you are absolutely glowing! We might want to hold the very same positive standards for the soil in our yard.    Soil, not dirt.   Dirt, as I learned long ago at university,  is what we wash […]

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The Magic of Seeds – Selected Daily Report Excepts

   Some Background Info…. Ever since I have been able to look at direct energy flow dynamics, I have been studying the dynamics behind seeds and the magic of their germination. I have over the years done a few experiments here and there to see if I can hold space for challenging seeds to germinate […]

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Subtle Energy: IPM’s Newest Frontier

After such wonderful training on plant anatomy, soil conditioners, pest management and the basics of every major category of plant we might want to grow, we were graduated as Master Gardeners with only one more tiny, little thing to then acquire: years and years of experience and observation in our own gardens! As Mary Wilson, […]

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