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Stone Circle Transformations

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Ancient Healing System or New Energy Medicine?

The stone circle that you see pictured represents about 20 years of personal research, practice charting energy flow interactions and  experiences gained about healing  through my work and life.

Many years ago I started playing with how to create a stone circle.  All of us can take stones and place them in a circle, of course.   But as I learned, this does not necessarily create a circle for transformation.

I needed to practice creating  a powerful synergy between all the stones, such that an energy flow would be generated and brought into the center of the circle.   While I discovered a natural gift for this, it still took hours of practice to understand what would make the energy flow go off center,  or out of the circle entirely.   I had to pick stones which balanced each other as a group.  In the circle above you’ll notice that I had to pair stones together to act as one.

Not just any stones will do, but neither do the stones need to be anything purchased or special.     The ones you see above were picked up from several locations, mainly the southern shore of Lake Superior on my many trips there over the years.

 Activating the Circle

In the photo above you are seeing the circle complete.   I do not leave it this way.   When not in use,   I turn it off  simply by pivoting the largest stone outwards.  This effectively shuttles all the energy flow outside of the circle and renders it  non-usable.

For those who want to make stone circles, I highly recommend this practice.   We simply do not know what the portal we have created can be used for on all levels.  I think it best for Earth to be very diligent around any we do create.

This deactivation element,  is, by the way, the reason I know that most all of the existing stone circles worldwide are not operational.   If even one stone is moved out of it’s group alignment, even a small amount, the entire flow is disrupted and the full synergy gone.

The Earth Placement Element

Being able to read the energy of the Earth also has been a study for me over the past 20 years, allowing me to place this stone circle into a grid line that accentuates its energy even more.       There are many Earth grids, and the one this circle is laying upon is one that, to me, represents itself in vibratory tones that are sometimes within our visible color spectrum.   The lines are about 2 feet wide  – this one vibrates to the color orange; of all the colors of grid lines I could have chosen, this one felt the most powerful for the purpose of human transformation.

The Final Ingredient

To recap so far:  the circle itself needs to be properly attuned,  and it then needs to be sitting in connection with the earth energy in a positive and synergistic way.


There is a third element required.   Placing an activator stone in the center really lights this circle up.   8 such stones are pictured here.   Each will light the circle up in a different way and will harmonize whomever is inside the circle in a distinctive way.   Our healing intention and unconditional love are the platform upon which all of this rests, creating the critical final element.

If you were to place your hand inside the circle,  you would be interacting with the circle and it with you.  I feel this stone circle as a balancing agent.  But what if you cannot be here?

Placing the name of a person inside the circle is like placing them inside the circle.  Initial trials from volunteers have made it clear that this circle can indeed be transforming, no matter where one lives.

Volunteers Welcome

I am still in the early stages of understanding how the transformations occur and which central activator  stone will do what for whom.  Some seem to work on brain issues and some on solar plexus,  some on overall gentle balance, some on blood…but I need more research to know more!

If you are interested in volunteering for circle transformations research,  see which of the small activator stones you are most drawn towards.

So far I have these 8:    Ruby, Copper, Tetrahedronal metallic,  Amazonite,   Lapis Lazuli,  Turqouise,  Hematite and Libyan Desert Glass.     This latter is some of the most pure glass on Earth, created when a large meteor hit the Earth in the Sahara desert region in what is now Libya.   This stone is a true alchemy of the cosmos and Earth energies.

If interested you may contact me by email or phone (contact info below).

And From Here…

What might such circles be able to do for our environment if placed outdoors?    How about larger circles for human health?   The future is exciting for us as we step into a new awareness of the beautiful transformations we can create by weaving the Earth energy,  the mineral kingdom, sacred geometry and our loving intention.