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Drop In and Draw®

50 minutes of guided emotional release in a non-verbal mode

Drop in and Draw® is so named because you can literally “drop in” and begin accessing this tool wherever and whenever you need it,  whether that is 2 am or on a plane or anywhere you have the tools at hand and a quieter space to work.   Guided sessions with me will bring you to the best productivity level using this amazing tool.  You will feel fairly competent after 3 sessions and very competent after 9-10 sessions according to what I’ve seen in my practice. These sessions are unlike any other format of therapy you may have tried.

At the maximum confidence level with Drop In and Draw,  you can tackle intense emotions, stuck feelings,  anxiety, intrusive thoughts and anything else that holds you back from a full life.  This is primal expression rather than art therapy and is both non-verbal and non-threatening. During this time we will also talk about pertinent subjects to help you uncover insights and gain new awareness.

“Two sessions were like two years of therapy!”…client testimonial.

To Begin:  

3-session tutorial package for $185

(Pro Bono For Veterans and Soldiers).



Sessions  $75 each.

(Pro Bono for Veterans and Soldiers).











Offered at my studio in Royal Oak


Via Zoom/ Skype from wherever you are.