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bringing awareness of energy flow

Drop In and Draw

50 minutes of guided emotional release drawing.

Drop in and Draw is so named because you can literally drop in and begin accessing this tool wherever and whenever you need it.  Guided sessions with me will help give you basic confidence so that you can tackle intense emotions, anxiety, intrusive thoughts and anything else that holds you back from a full life.  This is primal expression rather than art therapy.

I offer both a 3-session tutorial package for $185   or

Ongoing individual sessions at $80 each or $75 per 3 session package that is paid up front.

I offer Pro bono sessions for Soldiers and Veterans.

During this time we will also talk about pertinent subjects to help you uncover insights and gain new awareness.  These sessions are unlike any other format you may have tried.

They are offered  at my studio office in Royal Oak

The Center For Natural Healing

1103 s. Washington, Royal Oak Mi 48067

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