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Earth Balancing Results

 From Camille in Michigan:

“After moving into our new home, it was soon apparent that there was something out of balance. I initially thought it was just the stress of moving and getting settled into new surroundings. However, even after several months of settling in, the balance was not returning.

I began having sleep disturbances for the first time in my life. I have always been blessed with good sleep patterns and I was now waking up every night, anxious and unable to fall back asleep. I didn’t feel comfortable in my bedroom and I was getting out of bed in the morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck. After a few months of this pattern, it was starting to seriously impact my life and my family. Keeping up with work, home and my young children was getting difficult and I would end up crashing into bed every night, desperate for rest.

To compound the sleep issues, I was also beginning to experience fibromyalgia symptoms that seemed to have no source, as extensive testing seemed to show that my body – on paper – was actually running optimally. But my energy, mood and outlook were telling otherwise. I was so frustrated. I was doing everything right – eating well and exercising regularly – and had positive and loving people surrounding me. Why did I feel like I was dying?

After sharing with Chris what was happening, she suggested an earth balancing session.  It had never occurred to me that the balance of our home (and my health) could be affected by the surrounding Earth energies and I was very interested to see if it would help.

Chris came out and took a thorough energetic inventory of our home and the surrounding land. After clearing some energy within the house, she determined that an entire half of our home was positioned over a water line. This water line ran right underneath my bedroom.


After intuitively assessing the whole situation, Chris made recommendations for areas in the yard to avoid spending long periods of time, as well as providing solutions to continue balancing the energy, both within the home and outside.

After the session, the energy definitely felt different. I had a wonderful night’s sleep, followed by a restless night. Chris determined that one of the balancing solutions needed to be tweaked. After doing that, there was a huge energy shift – one that could even be felt by others entering our home. After this shift occurred, friends and family visiting (who knew nothing about the balancing session)
 mentioned how much more comfortable the home felt and that it was a wonderful place to be.


Within a week, I was sleeping much better and beginning to feel energy coming back each day. Things began to feel like they were falling back into balance and that all of my family was feeling a good energy flow. I was able to focus on work and tackle projects that I had been putting off for weeks, as I just didn’t have the energy. A darkness that I could previously feel in the air had cleared.

Chris continued to follow up with me daily to gauge how things were going and how I was feeling. She is so passionate and dedicated to her work and really cares deeply about healing people and their surroundings. The whole experience of working with her has made me much more conscious of how much our energetic surroundings impact us in our daily lives.

There is energy impacting us every moment of our lives – and like an electronic can drain a battery – the energy around us, if unbalanced, can drain us of our precious vitality. For those of you reading this that might be having unexplained physical symptoms or other obstacles presenting within your surroundings, please give this a try.”