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Earth Healing

 The Earth and I

OuiStock_000005893121Smallr most elemental relationship, of all the relationships in our life, is the one we each share with the Earth.

The way we basically feel everywhere we stand, jog, climb, sit, eat sleep and work absolutely depends upon  how well we connect with the Earth and how clear the Earth there is.

Our connection with the Earth is so sublime that we tend not to register it formally unless we are walking in nature or are in some other way brought to an awareness of  place or space.

Yet our basic sense of being secure literally depends upon feeling fully connected to the Earth and also can depend upon how calm and clear the Earth’s energy is where we happen to be standing.

We all know of places that feel light and uplifting for us, and we may avoid some places that make us feel uncomfortable, but every single square foot of Earth has an entire holographic field that we cannot help but meld with.   Our energy and the Earth’s energy are constantly in motion together, wherever we are.

The places where we  spend the most time per day are the ones of most import to our sense of well-being.  Our bed, our desk at work, our homes.

Some basics about Our Connection to the Earth

1.  The Earth is a complex and constantly evolving Being.

There  are forces deep underground  and in the atmosphere which create part of the “earth energy” that affects our personal field  while there.   Some of the classic references to geopathic stress  are from moving water or crossing streams of water  that can be located very deep within the earth.  This deeply hidden water nonetheless shifts the electromagnetics of the earth there – and we may, or may not, feel good topside with what is happening deep below.

2.  What one person feels at an Earth location is not what all people will feel.

If you took 10 people to the same spot and asked for their senses about that spot, you could very well get 10 different thoughts and feelings!  What is absolutely critical to everyone’s sense of any Earth space is the circuitry of energy flow between they,  personally,  and the Earth spot there.  Nothing else matters as much as this!  Not even if the Earth has layers of geopathic or emotional gunk does it matter as much as our ability to ride the wave, so-to-speak, of wherever we  are.

I know a park nearby my home that feels like a welcoming and lovely place, but my husband feels it to be uncomfortable and absolutely not safe.  How to explain such a polar opposite of feelings for the exact same area?

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Earth Focus:   The Quietness Factor

Does your bed truly supply you with a restful, rejuvenating space to be for 8 hours each day? How about your office desk area?  Between these two areas, we can spend  half our day.  These  are the spaces we most need to be free of any geopathic stress, earth radiation, excess magnetic field or  other zones of disturbance.   The lack of these is what I call “quiet” space.

Quiet spaces allow us to be our best, do our best work and regenerate as we are meant to!    If we are suffering illnesses  – mental, emotional or physical – quiet spaces become even more critical towards regaining health.

If you are in the Detroit Metro area, call to schedule a home or office visit to see where your critical spaces are at in terms of the Quietness Factor.   Underground water lines, Curry or Hartmann grid intersects, magnetic field anomalies, psychic energy within the rooms and other zones of disturbance will all be systematically checked.   Remediation to gain quietness that you will feel is also part of the consultation.

Not located in the Detroit Metro area?   I have successfully done remote earth consults using a diagram or floor plan to scale!

Is Our Bed Well Placed for Health?

Following is an excerpt from “Earth Radiation” by Kathe Bachler:

During the first and second year of the child’s’ life, his development seemed retarded and he did not talk at all.   During the third to sixth year of life, the child was mentally retarded.   The school psychologists’  judgement was “this child needs to be put into a school for the handicapped.”.

Through sheer coincidence, the child’s bed was moved.   Suddenly…the child progressed in all areas of life.   He was put into regular grammar school on a trial basis.  To everyone’s surprise, he came home with “good” on his first report card.

  Reprint granted by Holistic Intuition Society