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THE QUIETNESS FACTOR : Earth Balancing Consults


Are you sleeping on a moving magnetic field?

If your bed is located on top of a water line under the Earth, then you are.  Since water is very conductive, it creates a magnetic field that rises vertically from where it sits, even to the surface of the earth.  The strength of that moving magnetic field depends on the depth at which the water is running and how wide the water course is.   This is what is classically termed Geopathic Stress.  This GS will be further magnified if another water course crosses this first.

If you are sleeping on top of such a moving magnetic field, your brain and body are not able to rest and rejuvenate as needed.  Over time this can play havoc with our healing capabilities, our endocrine and immune systems and our mental/emotional health.

How about your favorite chairs and rooms?   The spaces we spend our time in are the areas we most need to be free of any geopathic stress which includes water lines, excess man-made or natural radiation and other zones of disturbance.

A space free of stressors like these are what I call Quiet Space.   In ancient times, back when we called those who were able to assess and create quiet space geomancers, they would not think to place a home or any building where humans were gathering in areas that had an abundance of geopathic stress.    Even as near back as the 1800’s there were those in Europe and elsewhere who knew how to remediate the magnetic fields from underground water.  Today, however, we have lost this – especially in America – so we have built homes,  office complexes and even hospitals only with regard to geography and deed lines.   There has been no regard for positive or negative Earth energy radiations and other factors.

The energy of Earth is such an integral aspect of our lives.  So integral, in fact, that we rarely if ever think about the effect our external environment can play with respect to our internal balance and health.   We may all know where we like to go in nature to recharge.  And we may also know some places that feel unhealthful for us so we avoid them.   However, nowhere is more important to our homeostasis than our home and office, where we tend to spend the largest percentage of our lives.

“After this shift occurred, friends and family visiting (who knew nothing about the balancing session)
 mentioned how much more comfortable the home felt and that it was a wonderful place to be.” Read Camille’s Full Story Here

As the ancients knew, Quiet spaces allow us to be our best, do our best work and regenerate as we are meant to. If we are currently suffering illnesses –mental, emotional or physical–quiet spaces become even more critical toward regaining health.

Even if we are in good health, geopathically stressed  spaces can hamper we or our family members mentally and emotionally;  over time, depending on the severity of imbalance in our home,  this can can erode our personal resources,  creating physical ailments.

An Earth Alchemy Home or Office Consult systematically checks for the following:

* Underground Water Flows

* Magnetic / Electric anomalies (including man-made stress)

* Negative energy resonances within walls or items in the room

* Room flow with respect to furniture

* Other zones of disturbance, which include a wide array of miscellaneous types of occurrences, some of these in the astral or other fields.

Remediation to gain quietness is also part of each consult.

An Added Benefit

One of the more important facets that I consider in any home consult is to check how balanced the flow of connection is between each person living in the home and the Earth energy of their bedroom.


I have been working with Earth energy and with people for 20 + years, striving to create a balanced Earth energy with healthful flow for those living there. I have seen in 2 decades of work that we are each unique and how we interact with the Earth is therefore also unique; this must be taken into account for best results.

Not located in the SE Michigan area?   I have very successfully done remote earth balancing consults all over the country and internationally using a diagram or floor plan to scale.

Cost Schedule: In Home visits begin at $250 and include 1 1/2 hours on site plus remote remediation, possibly spanning 3 weeks time. Depending upon where you are located travel time may also be included.


Remote consults begin at $100 (for 2 people in the home). This is usually a process over 2 weeks or more in order to gain a win-win balance for both you and the Earth. **

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** If you cannot afford the standard rates, please inquire anyway.