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Headache Relief: Short and Sweet

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My Go-To Energy Work Focus for Headache or Migraine Relief

When you feel a migraine or headache ramping into gear, what can you do to arrest it?

Based on my work as an energy healer, a great deal! We each have the innate capability to move inner mountains and let the pressure that causes our headaches or migraine to release, literally in seconds or minutes.

For those that I’ve worked with on heachaches, this has absolutely been faster than taking any pain med – the pain can begin to ebb within 30 seconds!

This headache releasing miracle is possible for us if we are open minded about subtle energy work, sometimes called energy medicine. There is a very specific energywork technique that I employ for headaches and migraine.


Getting to the Root of the Headache

What you want to do is look at the flow of interaction happening between your Root chakra and your 3rd Eye chakra. Whether you do this through visualization, a more kinesthetic type of feel or by using a pendulum, your goal is to understand how these two main energy centers are interacting with one another.

And you will need to look at this Root-3rd Eye connection on all three of your main planes: the Physical Plane, the Mental Plane and the Spiritual Plane.

I tend to find that the mental plane level of root with 3rd eye is usually the level at issue, although the spiritual plane can also show a large issue especially if there is a lifetime of recurrent headaches.

When you locate the root-3rd eye level that is most actively challenged, simply keep focusing on them with a loving stance. Allow these aspects of yourself the freedom to process and evolve together. It is like we are holding a sacred clean space around them. Your continued loving, free-flow focus is all you need to hold open the door for this processing. With an unconditionally loving allowance, whatever had been actively inflamed will be allowed to process properly and then release. You’ll feel that as a reduction in your pain level! You’ll want to hold this space for yourself until you see or feel your root and 3rd eye are interacting more openly with one another.

Why was there an energy war between the two in the first place?

Headaches can be related to so many happenings in our life, from subconscious anger to magnesium deficiency to monthly hormone shifts to spinal or other very physical issues. You will want to work on these deeper reasons as well of course. But when headache pain hits, knowing how to reopen your energy flows can be an incredibly useful tool!

More about magnesium: google Magnesium for Headaches to get started. There is an ever widening underground river of humanity who know how critical magnesium levels are – and that quite often headaches can be a thing of the past merely by giving our bodies the magnesium we need! I have two favorite ways to get my magnesium. An oral mag supplement from Jigsaw company is my favorite of all the oral supplements I’ve tested. We can also bypass our gastrointestinal system by using magnesium oil as we can easily absorb magnesium transdermally. I use a bit of both.