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I Am Open To The Wonders Of This Day

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Feel Life Moving Where You Want It To Again

When we are open to the energy of each day, we are totally in the flow with our life.  This makes it far easier to handle daily stress, gives us the clarity we need to see  and act on opportunities,  improves our emotional outlook and it can even jumpstart our immune and cellular systems. We want to be as open as we can be to the wondrous energy of each day.

Many years ago I learned to focus on this using a simple pendulum initially.  It was eye opening for me the first time I did so, as I realized that I was most definitely Not open with the energy of the day!

Through conscious awareness and loving focus on this every day, I was astounded at how quickly my days turned around.  All of a sudden things became easier and started to flow together in beautiful ways.  My most difficult interactions with others suddenly became far better, opportunities opened up and my emotional mood felt light and free.  I felt productive and capable. It was an unmistakeable and significant difference for me!

This was one of the largest reasons that I began Earth Alchemy. I realized that our basic alignment with the energy of each day was the basic platform for our entire life.

Whatever we want to build, wherever we want to go, we want to have this basic platform of being open to the day beneath us first and foremost. This can start as easily as setting aside a minute each morning to affirm:  ” I am Open to the Energy of this Day”.

The more openly we embrace the energy of each day, the better we power our life!