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I have spent the past few weeks…

“I have spent the past few weeks, as I turn 50, reflecting on the past decade. I can honestly say that I am so very thankful and in a much healthier place on every level, especially financially. Chris Hagey and Earth Alchemy have been such an integral part of the healing and change in our lives……I would say that we are living so many of our dreams because of the work I have done not only with her, but also with the tools she has given me to live in the flow every day!

I still tell her often that she “saved” me over 8 years ago when I was at my lowest, and now I realize that she has also given me the gift of “saving” myself.

She has a direct and honest approach to her work, and I was determined to do my work, even if it didn’t always feel good. I would consider her to be not only be an incredible healer, but also a life coach because her unique techniques work in every aspect of our lives and on every level. You can feel and see the results in your life instantly.</p>

I am sure that I could have only worked with her a few times, so working with her for more than 8 years is a reflection of the power of her work and the fact that we have big dreams to fill and we continue to create new ones! My daughter is now attending her dream school at NYU and I feel like for me, my life is only beginning!!

I know that Chris has been our own guardian angel…..she lives in the space of miracles where we are all meant to live. And we are so very thankful.”

Robi In Florida