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“I have worked with Chris Hagey…

“I have worked with Chris Hagey by Skype for a number of years – I am a long-term meditation practitioner who has worked with spiritual masters in Asia, the US and Australia and I came to Chris for help with a number of long-standing health and emotional issues. Over the years, my respect for her integrity and sensitivity have grown and although we have never met in person, I now consider her not only a gifted healer but also a friend. Chris does not collude with my version of things – she responds to my dilemmas in a way that helps me reframe them with love and understanding rather than getting into subtle patterns of blame and anger.

Chris is that rare bird: a sensitive, spiritual person with her feet firmly on the ground who has a great BS detector and has a loving and gentle way of encouraging me to be truthful with myself and to take responsibility for my own healing. Over the years we have worked together Chris has discouraged reliance on her, and called on me to find my own answers. The longer I work with her, the more she supports me to heal myself, using the tools (including bodywork and particularly, drawing) she has taught me. I highly recommend Chris’ work and wish others the same physical, emotional and spiritual healing with her that I have experienced.”

Jacqueline in Australia