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“I Need A Miracle”

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“I Need A Miracle… ” Straight Talk on EA Consults


I have seen some large miracles come about in the years that I have been doing subtle energy facilitation. And I have seen what amounted to glorified band aids (good help, but not lasting) . In each case, I am doing the very same space-holding. What is different is that those who see miracles are those who know that the miracles come from within themselves – not from me. I will be helping bring them to light. But I cannot create something you are not sanctioning yet! We are each absolutely sovereign and what we allow is what will happen.


Miracles happen with open hearts for miracles to happen . Sometimes we desperately want miracles to happen to us. That’s not how it works. Miracles come from us. Subtle energywork is a path we take to move this state of grace from within to without, where it is noticeable as our improved life.


Intuitive is Not synonymous with Miraculous For some reason, logic can go out the window when thinking about energywork or using our intuitive. Logic needs to be paired with intuitive for best results. A person expects to go to a counselor week after week on a very steady and prolonged basis – and is happy to do so, finding much in the way of value. However, when “intuitive” or energywork is involved, there is a common misperception that one (or two) consults will hit everything on the nose and the dominoes will begin falling immediately. That somehow a lifetime of clinical depression or IBS or 20 years of fibromyalgia or ennui will somehow just be zapped. Come with a miracle in your heart and it will happen. However, I have found in my work that this happens in due time of process, which depends totally upon You and whatever you feel is necessary for your journey. I have seen clinical depression released in two months time, which is about 16 consults (twice a week for 8 weeks in a row) . I have seen a lifetime of ADHD turn around – actually turn around – in about 2 months time as well. That is miraculous in my estimation yet it still took more than one or two sessions and there are good , logical, reasons for this. We need time to process . In all the years of my work I have found the facilitation process to be unique for every single person I have ever worked with, even though I may be working on the same types of disorders. There are definitely similaritites in the basic structure , but there is no set process. Each day brings a different set of cycles and rhythms so even just for this reason alone there can be no set process .


There is a very real need for us to become acclimated to major flow dynamics in a newly opened state of flow – especially those that may never have been open for you before. There’s a need to gain the insights, those precious a-ha’s that make wading through all such disorders an opportunity of epic proportions. And a need to learn how to open up to being more aware of that which we may have been stuffing or denying or too uncommitted to working with before. We need to place stepping stones down and then walk on those new stones in order to get ourselves in position to place the next ones. (How well can we place stepping stones across the river of our life by just trying to throw them all from the shoreline? ) We need to step up and be the miracle that is the new us in other words. We walk into most of our miracles, literally, from what I have seen in my life and work. They are no less miraculous for the process. If we continue to steadily hold the door of hope open during our process, we will receive the healing we are creating .


True enough, energywork facilitation can make for an incredibly speedy process since we are working on the energy blueprints that create the physical form. We can work on absolutely any layer of you that we may focus upon and that does include cellular changes. It’s a vastly more efficient way to create changes I have found. It’s also perhaps the only real way at this time to create changes on a genetic or ancestral level and tackle things like autoimmune disorders. It’s an excellent way to release major trauma we may have suffered in a gentler , far less traumatic capacity . Using our intuitive body and doing subtle energywork is also incredible because it is the least invasive way we can work on ourselves. The most gentle. You keep your integrity and you keep your present level of functionality while we work on increasing your quality of life.


What you will not likely find, however, is any double blind study that can be repeated over and over related to using subtle energy and getting good results. That is because each of us holds the ability for a miracle in our hearts – or we do not yet hold this. And that is what the results will show . Actually, any doctor will tell you that it is always the person themselves who do the healing, not the medical team or the medicine necessarily. For subtle energywork, this is even more directly a function of heart and attitude of the recipient. Really I think that subtle energywork – at least as I work with it – seems to magnify your intentions. If your intent to heal is pure and on target with your divine plan, this is when the largest miracles happen.


We all want to ease our suffering however that is not necessarily driving an ability to create our miracle healing process. Of all the things that feel most helpless , watching others suffer is the most heart wrenching for me. I can help anyone who truly is ready to help themselves – but I have found that I cannot help everyone who wants help. This is the straight situation on not only my type of work , but on all healing methodologies. Subtle energywork is a vehicle that definitely can take you anywhere. Come ready to process and ready to wrap your heart around this least invasive of all modes of work and you will see spectacular results in your life!