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If You Want To Be Happy

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Invite happiness to reside in your being. By welcoming happiness, you make way for magic and grace. In the place where magic and grace intersect, the creation of anything we want is possible.


Make joy your standard. Never settle for less.


Let go of the victim stance. God will not support us in being victims or in our whining, moping, or complaining about how hard, or unfair, or stressful, life is. Choosing to be a victim, or to whine, mope, or complain will only attract more opportunities for greater victimization. It’s that simple.


Be as present in the moment as possible. If we can feel love in this moment, without judging ourselves or anyone else, or worrying about any other moment, our Now is going to be a lot happier.


Don’t be attached to outcomes. We can block our good by thinking something needs to look a certain way. It doesn’t.


Follow whatever positive flow is leading you forward. If nothing seems to be happening in spite of your best efforts, just be. Breathe. Observe. Grieve. Cry. Walk in nature. Meditate. Get clear.


Put your energy into that which sustains you. If you aren’t feeling sustained at a financial level after you have done everything you can possibly do to find a job or create some form of alternative income, find something in your life that sustains you at a spiritual or creative level and ride that wave. We need to go with the flow and stay in our highest self possible, while believing that the other aspects of our lives will change in due course.


Take the next small step that’s in front of you. If we think we should be further along, don’t worry. We are just where we need to be in order to take the very next step.


Let go of that which you know is not for your highest good. We can never compromise the deepest parts of ourselves and create happiness.


Never withhold the truth from anyone for any length of time. If we speak our truth gently and with compassion, we will feel at peace. If we are afraid we’ll hurt someone by telling the truth, we are supporting that person in living a lie until we speak up.


Push yourself to know the truth as well. There’s a calmness in knowing the truth. Not knowing the truth always feels scarier than knowing the truth. When the unknown becomes the knowable, our fear often subsides.


If you want to be happy around your family, know your “PSP”–your “Parent Saturation Point”–and lovingly make your exit before you’ve reached it.


Disarm the “resentment monster.” Any time we find ourselves being envious of others, we will make ourselves miserable.


Concentrate on something in your life for which you feel grateful. If you can’t find one thing in life to be grateful for, grieve until you can feel gratitude again.


Develop “Chicken Consciousness,” that is, keep your agreements with “im-PECK-ability.” When you begin a sentence with the word, “I’ll,” that “I’ll” stands for “I WILL.” I WILL is a command. It is a statement of power. When we use this phrase, we are calling something into manifestation, so we need to make sure we really mean it. If we don’t keep our agreements, the Universe will not take our requests seriously. After all, how can the Universe trust us to handle something bigger if we’re not keeping our agreements at a smaller level?


Be open and willing to receive good. If someone offers you something positive, you need to say “yes” and accept it. If we do not accept the good offered to us in one area of our lives, we will block the flow of happiness in other areas. As we consider ourselves worthy of having happiness, the Universe will, too.


Maintain an unswerving commitment to create your dreams. We must not let anyone or anything deter us from achieving our heart’s desires. If we feel discouraged along the way, we need to turn inward and listen to make sure that the pursuit of our dream is still what we want.


Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings.


Explore ways to express happiness. Pray. Love. Relax. Open to beauty. Sing. Dance. Give thanks. Praise. Rejoice.


Give up the notion of having perfect hair or the perfect body. There are only five people on the planet at any given time with perfect hair or the perfect body, and chances are, you and I are not among them.


Reach out to others. Each of us is called in our own unique way to serve a Greater Good. We might feel called to make a difference in the life of one other being, to serve at the level of our community, or to impact the lives of everyone on the planet. We are all here to be each other’s angels. Give what it is that you want most to receive. After giving your best, let God do the rest.


Lastly, have patience and allow for God’s divine right timing in order for your happiness to unfold. When doubt sets in, hold steadfast and believe that your prayers have been heard and that they will be answered. We must have compassion for ourselves. Things take time, but in the end, life always works out. Trust and have faith.