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Matching Service



Tuning into Your Unique Personal Signature

When you need information about what facets, treatments, therapists or supplements would be a good addition to your healing protocol, turn to this service for quick and accurate energetic matching.   Chris’ remote attunement process means you do not have to be present with her to get a clear level of accuracy.

When you have a question about what or whom you would receive well into your healing process, this is one of the best ways to gain clear answers.   Turnaround is usually less than 4 days from your order and the information will arrive to you via email.

The Building Blocks of Healing

Often doctors give a list of supplements that they know to be in step and efficacious for your healing process.   That does not mean you will receive the energy of those supplements well at that moment and there can be a multitude of reasons for this, both internally and externally.   Matching your unique vibrational signature with each supplement will give you a good idea about whether you may want to pass on that supplement for the short term, or possibly whether you need to take less than the label suggests for best personal benefit.   Chris will give you as much information as possible if the match seems to be less than adequate.  Two additional supplements or brands of a particular supplement can be sent in as part of the same matching service bundle within 2 days of receiving your report.  (Often it can indeed be a brand issue)

This service has proven especially wondrous for autistic children and electrosensitive or other individuals who have aggressive immune responses.  It is an incredible resource for anyone who wishes to spend only the amount of money on supplements that will benefit them at that time.

Talk Therapy

This is an oft-tried and often eschewed healing process tool.  Yet, if it failed for you in the past, this was quite likely because you hadn’t really connected well with your therapist.   Chris matches person to person such that a very good mental and emotional connection pave the way for you to experience talk therapy as it was meant to be.  To feel the trust and ease you need with your therapist.   Again, this is a remote assessment, done wherever you are.   You supply a list of possible therapists or your zip code and the range of miles you are willing to travel to for online lookup of therapists by Chris.    The top 3 matches will be sent to you via email.

Other Modalities

Chris is well versed in a wide array of modalities and healing therapies.   Would Bach essences be a good choice for your process right now?  And if so, which one(s)?   How about the many types of bodywork: Bowenwork, Massage types, Acupunture, Shiatsu, Feldenkrais, etc ?   Art therapy  ,  color therapy or sound therapy (tuning forks, etc).   Clay or sea salt therapy.   If you are interested in adding some new techniques to your healing protocol, Chris can take the guess work out of this for you.  (as well as matching you with the proper facilitator of whatever modality you may choose down the road).

Other Matches

Many other sorts of information have been matched in the past, including what sports or instruments best suit a particular person/ child and even what vocations would make a person happiest.  This an open-ended service; whatever you may be debating for your life, vibrational matching is a fabulous way to gain more information to aid you in making your life choices!



$55. per matching session, which include up to 15 supplements/ items.

$25.  For a recheck on any original supplement list at a later date.   It is often that case that what does not suit at one moment in time, may be well received later (or vice verse).

Please email if you are interested in a matching report.