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Transitioning to a new home is one of the top stressful occurrences in our life.

This can be made even more so by wondering if the home / energy there will suit you and your family.     We get senses when we step into a home and often we are attracted to one particular space.

Sometimes, however, we are left with 2 or 3 choices and need to make a decision on which home to choose.

How To Choose Well?

There is a way!

It begins by gathering paper and pen, then placing ourselves into a quiet space where we can bring our attention inward.

We then want to focus on each home to get a sense of 3 pieces of information:

1  What will your physical happiness be there, even after one year?

2.  What will your mental happiness be there, even after a year?

3.  What will your emotional happiness be there, even after a year?

Notice how I add on, “even after one year”;  this allows us to get a long term idea, not just the initial “honeymoon” phase of a new and exciting place.

You would want to do this same list for everyone who will be living there.

Trust your basic senses!

You may not get detailed senses but you can pick up the gist.   Write those senses down and do the same list for each of your potential home choices.

By doing this, you will very likely get one home that feels best.    If you (or another family member) have any chronic health challenges, it is especially important to go where the physical happiness will be best.

So if emotional and mental happiness feel great but physical happiness doesn’t feel nearly as solid, this could indicate a situation where you will feel physically challenged there.  Over time, this could exacerbate any existing health issues or it could trigger latent challenges that seem to pop up out of the blue there.

We are all unique

So we may each have a totally different connection and flow with any particular home space!    It is not a given that if you feel great there everyone else will too.

However, given some good attunement for everyone, a good compromise can be reached  and a great new home that supports everyone can be chosen!