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Office Feng Shui for Productivity

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Can the spacial placement of the employees within a company affect overall performance?

Absolutely!   I would term this “people feng shui”.

We are used to environmental or earth feng shui, but the order and mix of personalities within any given office space can also have an enormous effect on the whole company.  There is a synergy between the energy field of a person and the office environment.  The overall energy of a person infuses the space around them, as well as the people nearby.  If they are also in a prominent position for their company, such as in or near the reception area, they can and will affect the overall energy of the entire company.  

Placing the most emotionally stable persons in prominent positions will extend their stability throughout the entire company.   This is of utmost importance in smaller organizations.

A jittery or emotionally unstable person placed in a position of prominence in the company environment will lend a destabilizing influence.       They may do a good job and are valued, therefore the win-win option is to simply relocate them to a quieter corner of the company.

All too often, the choice of who gets which office is haphazard, especially in smaller companies, and is not designed to maximize the “people feng shui”.    After the window offices are given to the top people in the company, the internal dynamics are often a miss mash of personalities.   Making changes until the office feels “quieter” on both literal and figurative levels can up productivity and revitalize your entire company.


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