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Oh My, I’m Empathic!

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Oh My, I’m Empathic!


I have worked with empathy as a natural part of my existence for so much of my life that it always amazes me how fearful even saying this word can make many people. Especially if I tell them they are very empathically oriented. Then they look at me like I am to be mistrusted and also they think they must start guarding their thoughts until such a time as they can get – away – from – me …politely of course. But away nonetheless. We have all grown up thinking empathic means psychic and that psychic is bad – and this couldn’t be farther from the truth!


What does it really mean to be empathic anyway? The most important thing to note is that we all are human beings – so we all are empathic . Empathy is all about feeling. It is all about sensing. We are all “sensitives”. Some are more tuned into this than others. Some of us begin by getting lost in an intense maze of our own devising where we cannot reconcile our senses from our feelings. This is when the fear arises with being empathic or “sensitive”.


What are the boundaries we have with our feelings? Do we have solid boundaries with our feelings or are we terribly codependent on our feelings? That is another vital variable in why some people are able to handle their empathic process better than others. It’s not about who’s more gifted or anything like that. The “gifted” part is the constructive boundaries one has with their empathic body. It does not make us psychic by any means. I have no great ability to read anyone’s thoughts – not that I ever would anyway since this is not honoring them. The purity and honor we give to others is the purity and honor we get back in return.


Anyone who is picking up things they don’t want (or seeing things they don’t want) is someone who needs to shore up their boundaries. This includes electrohypersensitivity of the electrical, wireless and RF in our environoment. We are NOT created to naturally (or powerlessly) be so exposed to all the environmental forces areound us, including invisible waves and emotions of others. Shoring up our core boundaries – our empathic boundary being a crirical layer – is when we will begin to feel like ourselves through and through.


Think of that new television show or even movies where they see spirits at whim and it’s always shocking…that would Not happen if they had good empathic boundaries with the astral realm…they would more likely sense a presence asking for their aid , they would give their consent and then they would see the soul needing aid. This would absolutely feel more constructive and help them feel their life was normal. Who would want to live their lives in thrall to whomever can get through to us? No wonder we are fearful of anything empathic or are always thinking we need to set up protections!

Well, what Does our empathy help us to do then?


It helps us to live an incredibly fulfilling life. Whatever vocation we wish to do, using our empathic body in a good way will make us far, far better at that. We will live our lives with more purpose, and less stress. We will be supportive parents who do not set our kids up to have boundary issues – thus setting them off on a really mature footing when they themselves form families and move outward into the world. We will be able to communicate with our significant others – and all others – on a more positive note, and will feel our boundary issues in a timely fashion so as to work on them before they get completely out of control. We will be good friends and community members, able to sense out the correct actions and things to say (or not say!) at the right moments.


We will be able to eat food that has the highest of potency levels because we will be able to sense which foods have that while at the stores or markets. We will begin growing food that has higher potency levels. We will begin naturally caring for the Earth . We will be very good at caring for ourselves. We will have more hobbies probably, because we will be able to sense when we are working too hard and need to play more in a timely fashion – say, before we have to gift ourselves with heart attacks and strokes to give ourselves a well-needed rest and stillness. In short, everything we do in our lives will simply be far, far smoother and more fulfilling.


And yes, if we are “into” the various aspects of pushing our intuitive body to new heights, then we can delve into the world of clairvoyancy and such. But that’s absolutely not a necessity if we do not wish it to be so! I could write another , even longer, article on the lovely things we can do that are very constructive if we want to push the frontiers. (Part of that would be subtle energywork itself which could mean help for many “incurable” items we in humanity have been taking on the chin )


We would never feel like someone else would be able to do anything to us again, psychically or physically – because if we were comfortable with our empathic nature, we would be able to sense that this could never truly happen . And that if we did run across things of this nature, it only means we ourselves have a boundary to shore up that we didn’t know about before!


When we as humans embrace our empathic nature, we will thrive. We will improve every aspect of every moment of every day with wiser choices and better timing. We will likely wonder how we could have gotten along at all living so blindly before! I personally cannot imagine living a decent life without mine.