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Pendulums to Gauge Energy Flow

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Beginning one’s exploration of energy flow with a pendulum is as easy as hanging an object from a string. Many people like to use crystals or gemstones as the suspended object. I have tried a few different types of pendulums and have settled personally with a small jingle bell on a simple cotton string. As in many facets of life, ones’ objective is what might best determine the type of tools used. For example, I personally must have an extremely lightweight pendulum in order to pick up the flows that I am focusing upon and therefore find the heavier gemstones to be cumbersome. Many people like to use a pendulum to determine Yes / No answers to questions and in this case, any desired pendulum could work.

Allowing the Objects to Speak for Themselves: When I first started to look at energy flow by use of a pendulum I really just happened upon it. I had no idea that I was supposed to “program” my pendulum to questions nor even had any idea that there was such a thing as “dowsing” . Without these preconceived notions I found that when I suspended my pendulum over an object…any object at all…that it would start to move and create distinctive flows. Circular and diagonal…counterclockwise circles and clockwise circles…star patterns and complex patterns that involved elliptical, circular and diagonal flows in what seemed to be a type of rhythm. I also noted a vast range of intensity or degree of force with which the pendulum would move in those patterns, sometimes so strongly moving the pendulum that it would literally fly out of my hand and some so weak that I could barely note any movement at all. I came to realize that this was life-force vitality being expressed verbatim and the range displayed was incredibly rich and descriptive even without the accompanying rhythms. Putting the two together was like reading a volume. It was a totally captivating experience for me to glimpse and explore this wondrous new world. Of course I stopped to think about how my hand and arm were providing the basis for this (and thus it wasn’t all that scientific) however I realized that no matter what my hand and Self might be “doing” that there were distinctive differences from being to being and object to object. I decided that it was worth my effort to take these movements at face value and see where it would lead me. Thus was one of my largest leaps of faith and thus I launched myself into the world of energy flow with a way of using pendulums that I have since discovered is extremely unique.

It is perhaps not for everyone to use a pendulum as I do. It takes a passion to practice so much that a type of detachment can begin to germinate. Only then can the mind be put to use in examining, measuring and corellating the flow results, and not in creating the flows. On the other hand, I find that this way of viewing energy relationships is an incredible complement for the clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience that I have also been honing. Actually I think of it as merely a different expression of clairsentience. It allows me to get many different perspectives for any person, being or object that I am focusing upon. I find a pendulum to be a powerful tool that has allowed my mental capacity to branch out in quests that would never have been possible in this plane using any other system of sight.

It also has helped me to better understand the ancient civilizations and the incredible depth of energy flow knowledge they possessed and passed down to us. Through my own play of tracing energyflows around rocks and stones placed in shapes and patterns, I realized that many of the basic graphic designs and shapes we retain from ancient civilizations are diagrams of energy flow. The Celtic triangle weave is such a flow diagram and this can easily be seen by taking three small rocks and placing them into a triangle. Then , using a very lightweight pendulum, place it close to one of the rocks and you may start to feel a slight “tug” that you can allow yourself to let the pendulum follow…it is the flow current that is created by the 3 stones as it wends its way around them in a neverending rhythm. Even with my other sight capabilities, I can’t see the invisible flow around the rocks but through a pendulum I can *feel* it and chart its movement with ease.


I still remember how exciting it was when I expanded outwards from the concept of sensing flows over or upon an object to viewing the flow between objects as well. I thus began to create objects, such as from small stones placed in a circle , watching the interplay of energy that was called into manifestation simply by their reacting and *relating* to one another. It didn’t have to be stones. I remember walking around my house after this realization in absolute awe that the chair next to the sofa were *relating* to one another and I could feel a live energy flow between them. I quite often couldn’t understand the flow I was picking up but didn’t let that concern me. I would catalog it in my mind or a notebook and perhaps return to it if I saw many other similar flows.

Then I took things further still. I started to truly study the Megalithic monuments by creating their basic mechanics in small scale on my tables at home. At that time I hadn’t really known much about Earth energies, but still was totally fascinated with the way the entire energy flow could shift based on one recumbent stone in a NE direction as opposed to a SE opening of a stone circle. I understood then why there was such power in creating a stone gateway leading up to the circle entrance (such as with Avebury and Stonehenge)…I even could understand why those who’d built Stonehenge had expended so much effort to cart the bluestone so many miles for their monument. I also would note that the centers of each circle would conjure up various and unique patterns, and I realized that they were each created to provide unique functions. It could be someone’s’ lifetime study to really examine the megalithic monuments in this way, and then to add in the Earth energies of where they lie and other important details such as the circular ditches created or mounds and spiral markings.

I credit my play for so many years with simple beach stones with teaching me the simple and yet also complex understanding that everything is “in relationship with” everything else. I kept my mind open to the flows and let the objects speak to me in their own eloquent way. I would often find that the flows did rather unexpected things. For example, I once placed 9 small stones in a circle and then placed my pendulum in the center to see where it would sit. It was not centered. I experimented a bit based on my intuitions, taking a stone out here or there and replacing it with another. What I’d learned was a vital lesson in the importance of power. Not just any 9 stones would do, but only 9 who worked equally in relationship to one another as a whole could actually form a true and calm center. A Power center, as I came to call it. *(and this can be extended out to the stones in Stonehenge, all our chakras or planets in our solar system, etc, etc) .

I also realized that I was very good with my intuitive. I found it easy to snatch up stones quickly, and without any conscious desire create an equal circle with a power center more often than not. This was a key ingredient in helping me to relax into my intuitive powers and capabilities. With my pendulum, it was very easy to see when I had digressed from intuitive to ego as the flows would be uncentered. I came to appreciate all the irregular or surprising flows that happened on a daily basis. Through my desire to allow this irregularity and to actually examine them more closely , I learned to *learn*. I’d always been a good student, but never had consciously thought about how my curiosity and tolerance to seek without an expectation is that which catapults one from mere understanding into that of conceptualization and vision. I find my work with a pendulum to be a fast paced level of learning, as fast as I am willing or able to evolve.

I learned much about power and equality from my simple play with shapes and stones. I learned that the size of the stone did not necessarily mean more flow “pull” . I learned that in a triangle, the equal power of the 3 stones is very important at all times. I learned what happens when two of those 3 stones are more powerful. I later realized that these simple rock flows described triangles of people just as well, only people often express these flows through the canvas and medium of Emotions. It wasn’t long before I was trying to understand energyflows of infinitely more complex “models” ….plants, animals, people and Earth.


One day I made a momentous discovery. I had placed my pendulum over a picture of a person in a magazine and lo and behold I was getting a reading as though it were a real person sitting right in front of me. I know that it has been said especially by many tribes that to take a picture of one is to take a piece of their soul. Wow, I thought. Those movie stars must really be stretched by now. Through this I made the leap of comprehension that I could have a photograph of any object and use that just as if it were the real Being. The exciting thing, of course, is that I was free to now work with Beings that were too big to hold otherwise, such as galaxies and crowds of people. This kept me happily occupied collecting photographs and trying to acquire books of every plant species one can imagine. Had to have the pictures. Then to match them I’d simply take the pictures, place them side by side and read the energy flows between them.

This proved to be both a gift and a crutch. It was a gift in that it allowed me to work with subjects and see flows that I’d not ever dreamed of before. As my understanding grew, it wasn’t long before I wanted to watch the flow between objects or beings that I *didn’t* have a photograph of. Emotions, such as anger or sorrow, love or peace….how could I “match” those with ones’ Base chakra? Thus was born another conceptual leap, on the wings of knowing that it wasn’t really the picture I was looking at, it was the focus of the picture. I decided to just “say” in my mind that I’d placed such and such down right in front of me. For instance, I’d draw an imaginary circle on the floor in front of me, saying that this was “me”. And found that when I placed my pendulum right there at this spot, there was indeed something to read, and it wasn’t just the floor covering. From that day to this, this is the way I work with a pendulum, just focusing my intent and placing whatever I want to view anywhere I want to “look”. Such freedom! This way I can take what would be very large physical bodies, like 5 galaxies, and “place” them in a circle together to watch the flows. I can take any of my chakras and look at it as if it’s sitting right in front of me. I can take all my chakras and place them in a circle and look at the flows together. I especially like to watch the flows between any two or three chakras. I can keep watching the flows of all my chakras, and work on clearing them all at the same time, watching very graphically as the vitality levels increase or equalize. I can go back to when I was born and look at the flow of my chakras. I could also take take a look at what my chakras would be in , say, ten years, but I have found that it is not reliable to look at future flows. Each time we grow and shift we expand All the past or future flows unbelievably.

There is literally an infinite number of ways that I could focus and watch energy flow relationships. I also can and do use my pendulum to follow actual earth energy flows such as dowsers do. Through this I have come to recognize spirals as inherent in energy flow formatting and also have realized that there is so much going on in every square foot of space that we could study the square foot of “empty” space right next to where we are sitting for *lifetimes* and still not comprehend it all. Every spot of Earth is as sacred and powerful as every other spot. (Not all are as balanced though.) Through understanding this I also finally comprehended that one need not go anywhere at all to feel Earth’s power or to feel their own power. On the other hand, I can stand *anywhere* on Earth and feel Earth’s power and my power (if I am balanced). Through a pendulum I have learned that it’s simply a matter of focus.