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Release Your Anxiety!

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Do you suffer from chronic high anxiety?


If you do, you may have already run the gamut of therapies and techniques, only to succumb to anxiety meds — or worse, if you don’t like taking medications, you just continue to suffer, believing there is no other alternative. I see this quite often in my practice.


In this article I want to offer some nutritional insight, as well as two techniques that will significantly take down anxiety levels within ten minutes or less. I have clients who have been able to permanently give up anxiety medication altogether just by doing these simple techniques, which can be practiced anywhere, any time and, unlike medications, are always perfectly safe.


Sounds too good to be real, doesn’t it? But it is real. The truth lies in the simple fact that when we tap into the real source of our anxiety and soothe it, we find relief far more quickly than we might imagine possible. This is one of the best, most effective ways to reduce our anxiety levels. That being the case, why is it not more well-known and utilized?


It seems to come down to our long-established societal comfort zones and belief systems. Unlike in many Eastern countries where energy and its flow or stagnation is taught as a normal facet of healthcare, we in the Western world have been taught to embrace a more left-brain, scientific mindset. We simply have not been encouraged nor taught how to work with our empathy and intuition. The more scientifically-minded we are, the less we feel amenable or open to energetic balancing. To change our belief system from one that embraces physical senses / scientific methods, towards one that makes use of our intuitive, empathic and visual capacities is a stretch for many of us. I have found that 100% of my clients are people who have already begun bridging these two realms for themselves, at least to some extent. As with all things in life, timing is everything. Everyone opens this integrative doorway when they are ready — until that time, this type of work can seem like nothing more than a bunch of fruity nonsense.


For those of you who feel open and willing to explore in this way, here are my best suggestions.


First, from a physical/nutritive level: If you are suffering from chronic anxiety , you will want to pay attention to basic overall nutrition. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can often seriously exacerbate anxiety levels. Vitamin B12 and magnesium are two of the most important factors here. I suggest you do an Internet search to familiarize yourself with how these and other nutrients work on a cellular level, and to learn how deficiencies of them relate to anxiety. Becoming more proactive along these lines is another thing many of us tend to resist — to our own detriment, unfortunately.


On another important note, your physician can only be your ally, not your savior. You, yourself, are your own best advocate! So please be sure you know what is and is not happening in your own body. Much anxiety can be generated within the procedures of our standard medical community, where we submit ourselves to being offered merely five or ten minutes with our physician, and often referred/shuffled around in a way that feels very dehumanizing. Ask knowledgeable questions and do not stop until you feel satisfied with the answers you’re given! A very important part of self-advocacy for healing lies in the willingness to search for a doctor who can really be that best ally for and with us — one who never leaves us feeling sad or powerless in any way.

Chronic Anxiety and Our Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras


In over 15 years of practice, it’s been made clear to me that the true source of anxiety lies primarily in our solar-plexus energy center, or chakra. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, the word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit; chakras are wheels of subtle energy. The solar plexus chakra or energy center lies just below our ribcage. It is our ego or power center, and is also the main focus for working with all types of control issues.


This energy center is the one that bridges body and mind most viscerally. Tuning into and directly soothing this one center releases anxiety levels quickly and dramatically. These energy balancing techniques can be at least as effective as any medication, yet in a way that’s completely safe for your body and whole system. The self-empowerment you gain by doing this for yourself also extends into other areas of your life in miraculous, healing ways you cannot begin to imagine!


1) The first energy balancing technique allows you to tune into your solar plexus energies using your tactile senses rather than visual. Turn off your left brain so that you are not thinking, but feeling. Place your hands in front of your solar plexus area, palms facing your body. You don’t want to actually touch your body, but rather hold them about three inches away from this stomach/solar plexus area.


Now, place all of your attention on your hands, on your solar plexus area and on the space between them. Consciously choose the intention of sensing and healing your present anxiety level. As you focus on this, allow your hands to move slightly to the right or left, or even farther out than slightly, based exclusively on what you feel your body wants, to help reduce your anxiety. Trust that your intuitive senses will lead you correctly!


If we could see the anxiety level you’re feeling visually, we would see it extending outward some distance from your body, and the degree of distance will reflect your anxiety’s intensity. Your next step is to use your hands to find the edge of this extension outward. Reach for a subtle, tactile sense that feels like two south magnet poles pushing one another away. You will find yourself being “pushed” out subtley until you hit the periphery of this field of distress; this intuitively guides your hands to stop in the airspace naturally and comfortably. This could be anywhere from several inches to several feet in front of you.


Once you’ve found that edge, you will hold that position. Then place loving intent into the space between your hands and body. Continue this focus and watch, almost as from a distance, as your hands begin to be slowly drawn back in toward your body. This would naturally happen as the level of distress begins to decrease in response to your loving intention. In other words, your hands will shift from their original position, at the edge of this distress, inward slowly toward your body as the distress eases. You may also feel your anxiety level decreasing already as well.


You may get a feeling that you want or need to move your hands to other areas — say, down to the soles of your feet, your ankles or lower legs. If you do, follow this intuitive/empathic guidance as to where, for how long, and in what way to place your hands in any one position. You can find more detailed instructions on this technique in Earth Alchemy’s article on Kinesthetic Bodywork.

Solar Plexus and Heart as a Team


Another very effective approach for releasing anxiety involves balancing our solar-plexus energies with those of our heart chakra. The heart chakra, located in the middle of the chest, relates to love, compassion, understanding, empathy and forgiveness — for and with ourselves, most importantly.


2) This second technique uses visualization to work on rebalancing the flow of energy between your solar-plexus chakra and your heart chakra.


Close your eyes begin by visualizing two images of yourself. See them as though you are watching them on a movie screen, facing one another about five feet apart. See them placed upon a white or clear background. One of these “you’s” represents your solar plexus chakra, and the other, your heart chakra. You can even change the color of their clothing if that appeals to you, so that you can tell them apart.


Allow yourself to get as clear a visual as possible of these two visuals of you, of the space between them and of the space surrounding them. Spend some time noticing how they each look. Are they both the same size, or is one much larger? Are they able to face one another comfortably, or does one or both of them feel like they are barely tolerating this stance? Also, take time to get senses about the space between them. Is it clear and open feeling/looking, or is there some sort of darkness or clogged atmosphere there? Don’t put any limitations on how, or in what way, you will see these personified representations of your two chakras.You want to allow the visual to portray this interaction as exactly where you are at right now.


When you have a good visual or sense about this pair, surround the whole scene within a cloud of unconditional love. Watch…again, as if a distant bystander…what begins to happen as the healing energy from you begins to ease the distress, and work on gently rebalancing.


If initially you saw one as being larger than the other, one of the first things you may notice is their sizes equalizing. You may then see them as more relaxed, and you may even begin to see details such as facial features. If you noted one or both were not squarely facing one another, you will notice them slowly begin to do so more confidently. The variations of how each “chakra you” can look, and how they will open up, are as unique as you are. The key is to keep the focus of unconditional love there. This is your healing focus being placed very directly on the distress. This is energy work in motion. Energy work is passive; we don’t “do” anything except hold the loving space.


You may feel physical sensations pop up with this. Allow them to come up and then release. You might also feel emotions come up. Again, allow them to come up and ebb away within their own timing. As you keep holding loving space to process, you will feel these sensations or pressures pass.


After the two “you’s” become equal in size/feel, and they become comfortable facing one another, then you will likely begin to notice the airspace between them getting visually clearer or feeling clearer. At this point, if not before, you will almost undoubtedly notice your anxiety level also decreasing. You may feel a wonderful sense of calm you do not usually have.


The more clearly, lovingly yet passively you focus on this visual, the faster your healing process will go. Strength of focus paired with loving intent to heal are truly key to this and to all energetic balancing.

A few other notes here… When I am facilitating with a client, we will very often use both of these techniques together. I may even throw in some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as well. We use whatever feels appropriate toward the goal of soothing solar plexus, and of opening a healthy flow of energetic interaction between the solar plexus and heart chakras. These two energy centers are key to experiencing less anxiety. Both techniques outlined here can be used to take anxiety levels down within minutes. They can be done in the office, while shopping, eating out, as well as at home. They require no other tools than you, yourself! What could be simpler or more safe? For all of this remarkable ease, these are some of the most powerful tools available for reducing anxiety levels.


With all that it offers us, energy medicine will someday be standard; but I hope that if you have chronic anxiety, you will offer yourself the wonderful opportunity of trying these energy-balancing techniques to alleviate your anxiety right now.