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bringing awareness of energy flow

About Chris

IMG_5474I started with a business degree and career in marketing research.   I’d had not even an inkling of anything alternative or energetic at this point in my life until one day I made a pendulum for fun,  and,  to my great surprise I found a natural talent with this tool.  Since I had no prior knowledge of dowsing, I didn’t ask questions – I merely let the pendulum move and began to see patterns.  This was the beginning of feeling as though I’d found my truest calling and I have spent many years studying and honing my clarity.    

The pendulum is only a smaller part of my healing work today, but I find it can be a very useful focus tool. Looking at the hologram of an energy flow interaction is for me very much like reading a book. 


I also use my intuitive, natural empathy and a bit of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. I find that pulling this all together is an incredible combination for holding the loving space that Earth or my clients need to find better balance.

Through my passion for the study of energy flow and my understanding of how critical it is for a vital, fulfilling life to be in the flow, Earth Alchemy was born.Along the way I continue to pick up knowledge in many areas such as herbalism, the principles of oriental medicine, feng shui and Craniosacral therapy as well as in hands-on energy facilitation by pairing my natural sense of kinesthesia with my intuitive.

I have been very blessed to be able to provide insights, quieter spaces and new perspectives for many people over the past 18 years, and to aid them in unlocking patterns that have held them in various states of illness or stress. 

 I bring integrity, a non-judgemental stance and plenty of down to earth practicality to my practice. This has shown itself to be remarkably effective in empowering us all to open to the world around us – and especially to the world within us.