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Self Honesty

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Understanding how I experienced certain life events

gives me greater knowledge of myself and more

detachment from my self-destructive patterns. When I

refuse to remember the pain of early experiences —

projecting it onto others and making it about them,

rather than sitting with it and feeling it myself —

instead of resolving the problem, I compound it.


In my inability to sit with my own pain, I ask others

to contain it for me through dynamics such as

projection. It is identifying in someone else what I

should be identifying in myself, displacing a painful

feeling by dumping it onto an unsuspecting receiver.


This does not allow me to do the inner work that I

require to be clean and healthy, and it crosses

another person’s boundary in an unfair, unhealthy way.

My greatest potential for learning is in studying

myself with honesty and openness.


I will look honestly at myself.


Author Unknown