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Services Overview

Work With Chris

Services to help clear your home or workplace and personal sessions designed to help you transition through life more smoothly.   Over 18 years of professionalism combining intuitive with practical understanding in a truly unique yet solidly down to earth way.   









$125 per session

$105 for 3 or more sessions



Earth Balancing 


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Personal Sessions

You will love how these sessions can follow the contours of your life journey to help you move forward at all levels.  Designed to teach you intuitive biofeedback, help you reconnect and also speed up your healing process,  these sessions are a wonderful way to gracefully access and fully process even the most stubbornly lodged subconscious challenges or negative past loops. Through the use of visualization, bodywork attunement, art therapy and other methods we will take you through 55 minutes of very productive work to process through your most challenging issues and emotional blocks.   Works beautifully by itself or in conjunction with talk therapy.    “I have spent the past few weeks…”

Remote Sessions

These sessions are deep energy work done for a person, animal or place who is not in formal attendance with Chris.  They are called upon when you cannot do a formal session due to travel or work, or when an issue comes up that feels too difficult to be faced consciously.   Remotes beautifully work to take down excess or acute subconscious distress and are useful for uncovering deeply locked patterns.   They are my go-to for working to understand and aid general malaise;  not only to see what major levels or layers to work on for most effect but also to give you new avenues to think about and follow in your journey. Remotes quietly open inner doorways. All remotes include a small report to let you know about the basic elements that have come up.