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Strengthening our Connection To Earth

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Pick a room in your home and slowly walk over every square meter (allowing for furniture of course!) while sensing how welcomed you feel while standing there. If this is a room that you have always felt unease about overall, then before you step in there, stand in a room where you feel welcomed and begin to work on your flow with this uneasy area from this better home territory.


If this is a room that you have historical information about – such as a traumatic death there – then this is very likely to be an area that the person previous had a tough time with too. That’s good to know but should not stop you from creating a welcoming flow with the Earth there all on your own. Then you can be a light for the stuck resonances and possibly free them but at the very least you’ll be a comforting presence.


Separate out all the critical layers…there is the Earth energy and then there is the Human energy , made up of all human interactions there, but especially those with great emotion attached to them. This goes for both happy and traumatic emotions alike. There is also the other kingdoms too. This spot is not just about Earth….it’s about all the kingdoms and Earth who are there , who have been there and who will be there. Past, present and future.


While tuning into this area you might spend some time visualizing colors that you feel are key for this spot. Think about what you have felt of these colors throughout your life. If this earth spot were represented by a number, what number might it be? Does that hold any recognition of core issues for you? What layers do you sense are most prominent here…spiritual, regenerative, emotional,mental, intellectual, physical, astral, etc…or perhaps a strong mix of several. Does knowing this click into any feelings or insights for you? Do you feel this area may be an Earth vortex, portal , energystream junction , ley line or other such Earth energy? How about parts of the body or even certain organs or systems…which physiological areas does this spot accentuate? Have any of those areas been challenges for you in your life? Whatever impressions you get, trust that they are valid for you in trying to figure out why you may be having a problem to connect openly there. If you don’t immediately comprehend the cues, write them down so you can add to them as time goes by. At some point, you’ll have enough senses to begin putting 2 and 2 together more meaningfully. If you want to know why you are not open at this spot, you will eventually know this. And when you know this, it will likely turn around your energyflow interaction with that Earth spot, allowing you to stand there and feel welcomed and nurtured , instead of defensive or defenseless.

“I just feel stuck with this spot, no matter what I try to do”


Want to get senses on an uneasy spot from a more detached perspective? Set up a 30 minute phone consult and we will talk about this Earth spot, while I check and recheck the flows for you with this spot as we go. You may be surprised how your feelings about this spot change – and can change dramaticallly – in even 30 minutes’ time. I have heard of people who actually board up and never go into whole rooms in their homes based on the incredible negativity they sense there. Boarding up the rooms of our home is like binding our soul. We cannot do that long term if we want to feel healthy. And we don’t have to live with things as they stand! In fact, if you have an uneasy awareness that is steady and intense (such as with any room in your home) , then it’s there to grab your conscious attention and get the ball rolling on opening it all up!

Excerpt from 14 March 2007 Daily Report Comments about Earth Connection


…. Even driving around at fast speeds, if you allow yourself to get senses of the various landscapes you pass, you will begin to feel things. You do not have to decode them necessarily but just getting a sense of their overall differences is definitely valid in and of itself.


I always keep in mind that my senses at or about any Earth spot reflect my actual flow with that spot. And not necessarily the spot itself although there can be resonances there that will set off most people’s radar in a less than happy way. I find that when my husband and I go to various parks and nature areas, we will get differing impressions of whether we like it there or feel iffy there. My husband can get very real senses of unease in some places that I adore – and what I feel of this is that , yes, he doesn’t have the best flow with that area. The area itself will likely be feeling the same flow with him in reverse so the welcoming aspect will not be there at either end. This can even mean that there may be a happening there that is not nice, such as tripping or feeling intestinal infortitude or even something more dire. Why do “bad things” happen where they happen , in other words? There is more than coincidence involved. Underlying this basic interaction is the core reason why that continues to be the case instead of a nice open flow with wherever we happen to be standing. There are reasons…we have to look for them though.


There is one particular area where we like to run our dog off leash that I always sense to be a very deep , spiritually inclined place. Where spiritual and physical layers connect more readily and thus connect us more clearly to our spiritual /higher self energy than in other places. In our area, that makes this spot very rare. While there I always feel the hush of respect and also great belonging and welcoming. But my husband feels this same place to be a watch spot, where something “nefarious” could happen. I have sometimes wondered if my presence with him as we walk through this area may be helping him from *experiencing* some nefarious happening. He is far more physically oriented than I am, thus his ability to be in a place that has very close to the surface spiritual depth is not something he finds as exhilarating as I do. This is one of the reasons why he continues to hold a lock with the Earth there. My guess is that many people who have trudged through this wooded area have added their unease to this. Yet, when I stand there, none of that matters, even though I can pick up the overtones of human reaction here too. I just mostly feel the welcoming and the deep sense of peace along with celebration that never fails to refuel my spirit.


We usually do get what we expect but if we stop to examine why we expect something in the first place (whether subconsciously or consciously) , it is because we are likely sensing the locks involved for us with that person, earth spot or whatever. The other aspect of this is that if we are not open with Earth where we are standing, then Earth cannot nurture us or help us out in fully or even partial ways. We get what we have the energy flows to get – nothing more nor less. And it begins for us with our Earth connection.