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The Earth and I Continued

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It is because are each a unique hologram ourselves, made up of our own subset of experiences.   This colors how we connect to the Earth and thus how we experience the earth there.   When I am at this park I have a very solid dance / flow circuitry with the Earth there.   My husband, however, has very little free flow with the Earth there.   We both physically admire the beautiful landscape but how we intrinsically feel there is opposite.

Yes, there are definitely places on Earth where the vast majority of humans would feel spiritual lightness and a sense of wonderment.   Or where most will feel as uncomfortable.   But most spaces on Earth – and certainly the majority in our daily lives – will be places that are more neutral and where we each will feel the space to be a direct result of our own unique personal connection while standing there.

3. You will want to think of each square foot of the Earth’s hologram as potentially different.

If  you feel like you are not melding well with the place you are currently sleeping,  for example, you can and should start moving your bed around the bedroom   – or even into other bedrooms – to see what those places yield to your sense of balance.  It can be astonishing how moving even  two feet to the left or right can make a world of difference to us.

The Earth has a bevy of energy grids and where they intersect can sometimes be an issue.  We do not have to be able to discern these grids but we will want to keep in mind that moving two or 3 feet in another direction may change the whole dynamic to a better one for us.

On the subject of sleeping, it is also very important to think about this when traveling.  Staying at hotel rooms where we are not melding well with the Earth (and human energies!) is not something we need to put up with.  We can often move to another room in the same hotel but we sometimes need to choose the area of the city we are visiting with regard to how we feel we’ll sleep and feel while there.  Trust your senses with this!  Do this before you even book your reservation.        Thinking about it even a small amount beforehand versus being oblivious can make all the difference in how you experience your travels.  If you travel for business quite often, this is even more important so that you can do the work you are there to do without feeling depleted.

4.   Sometimes, energy remnants get trapped in the Earth’s hologram.

This can be a buildup of negative or strong human emotions, especially where violence was perpetrated.  When we are standing (or sitting or sleeping there)   this can play a definite role in how we feel there.   And if our emotional boundary is not solid,  that emotional energy will naturally meld with our personal field and feel like OUR emotional energy;   we may not be differentiating what is ours from what is not ours.  This leads to feeling fine one minute but emotionally challenged the next – and can take hold of us for the rest of day (or longer).  If you experience a clear downshift in emotions without a rational cause this is very likely the reason.

It can also be that if we are on an Earth spot that is not a full circuitry with us,  we will simply be more vulnerable to the emotions of those around us…our family members (especially  those with depression), our coworkers, our students,  our friends…or even strangers at the local mall or in line at the grocery store. I actually see this happening a lot.  If our emotional body is not grounded well with the Earth where we are, then we are potentially vulnerable.

 5.  We can learn to Ride the Wave!

Sometimes our early childhood or traumatic experiences have derailed our natural ability to create a full circuitry with the earth wherever we are.  By bringing our conscious attention to this and working from a loving platform that we wish to gain a good solid stance with the Earth, we will.

And that will bring back our feeling that the world is a secure place.  It will  help us feel that we can stand absolutely anywhere life may take us to and feel strong.

6.  Let Yourself Go Where It Feels Good For You

One of the best ideas is to set an unconscious ideal that you will seek out Earth energy that you meld well with as often in your day as you possibly can.  At first, more conscious thought will need to go into this process as you tune into how you feel wherever you find yourself in your day.   After a short while of doing this, however, you will put this into action in a nice flow within your daily life by merely following your instincts.  In fact, our instincts will always guide us correctly in this and we have likely been overriding them, so it’s only a matter of giving our natural instincts more focus.

Doing this may mean that you feel like going to one restaurant over another or  driving down one street  versus another.   In a restaurant it may mean that one or two tables light up as being better than others.      You’ll probably order better dishes , converse better and digest better if you sit in a place that is strong for you!    If you have food allergies, this is even more critical for you.  And remember that each square foot can change the whole dynamic at times  so it could very well mean that one table is better than another.

Recognizing where on Earth we feel strongest is a natural birthright that, if we allow ourselves to use it,  can keep us healthy and happy.