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The Magic of Seeds – Selected Daily Report Excepts

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 seedlingSome Background Info….

Ever since I have been able to look at direct energy flow dynamics, I have been studying the dynamics behind seeds and the magic of their germination. I have over the years done a few experiments here and there to see if I can hold space for challenging seeds to germinate more easily. I’ve invariably found that, yes, this can be accomplished. I have done this for some notable “toughies” like Perovskia and Meconopsis (see below) and for those which would otherwise require a cold period like Columbines.


I simply hold the seed in my hand and bring them to a spot in my home that I feel will be amenable for them – and then I listen to the seeds as they tell me where they are at with germination. I am not hearing this as we speak and hear but rather in terms of sensory that is far more subtle. We all have these senses – it’s standard equipment for we humans – but in the same way we must learn how to be good listeners in the usual way, I have practiced this format of listening as well.


So as I listen I am also holding space for them to unwind this process if they choose and usually within a minutes’ time, they are ready for the planting stage. I have found that this really and truly does gently unlock their codes so that when water hits them, they are ready to burst forth. This is energywork facilitation, just like any other facilitation. This is, in other words, just loving space that I am holding for the seeds to a specific purpose.


Very few seeds require this type of care – most can, as below, simply be planted when they are ready to rock and if we listen to them, they will thrive. This is not rocket science…and it’s not magic…it’s simply deeper listening and an open heart. I find that the plant kingdom communicates easily to us if we are ready to listen and that they appreciate the help!


Seed Planting Extravaganza: Excerpts from the March 7 and 12 daily reports


Did you feel any nudges yesterday or perhaps this morning to begin planting seeds? There is truly no better time for working with plants and seed than during a Pisces new moon in Spring. I actually have had my mind on many other things but yesterday early evening from out of the blue I felt this overwhelming sense to get out my potting soil and plant some of the seeds that I intend for my garden this year. It dawned on me after I had done all of this that it was a Pisces moon and a new moon to boot…the perfect time to plant seeds.


Not all of my seed packets are active right now. I did feel a great deal of excited currant for the Zinnias, annual Rudbeckias and Dahlias that I planted. As if they couldn’t wait to get started. All 3 of the Marigold varieties I am going to plant this year however were still quiet. I have learned that I can tune into the seeds themselves and will pick up a sense of whether they are good to go for planting or not. Many seeds are activated by the energies of the day and season. Spring is a seasonal activation for many seeds here. But definitely not the marigolds, who are warm weather lovers. They will become more awake and thus *amenable* to being set into soil and watered in another month or maybe longer. To plant them now would be in astrological terms a good time, but in my sense of the seeds I have, not as good as if I were to wait for their correct timing. Some seeds, like Basil, are amenable to planting practically any time of the year and some, like the Himalayan Blue Poppy that I have been growing for the past month, are encoded with a rather complex and specific activation. Most seeds are somewhere in between these two.


The Magic of Seed-Listening On the back of my Annual Rudbeckia seed packet it says that we should start indoors in a warm, well lighted area 10 weeks before planting outside and that seedlings will emerge in about 21 days (3 weeks). My seeds obviously knew better! They were ready to go with last week’s new moon and that is when I planted them. I placed the container in a spot where it was dark (not at all well lighted in other words) and today – 5 days later – they have begun sprouting. In fact, my dahlia seeds came up in 4 days and my Zinnias started coming up on the morning of the 3rd day after planting. Am I the Pied Piper of seeds? No. Well perhaps in a small way since I was open to listening to the seeds themselves and just fine with being solely the hands of the operation. And last Friday’s New moon in Pisces was one of the best times we will have all year for seed starting. As you may recall I really wasn’t even thinking about this until I found myself getting the supplies out suddenly!


We can all listen to the seeds in this way…and to the plants in our yard and to our animal companions and to our kids and to our spouse and to ourselves. This is the deeper listening that is so wise and timely. It used to absolutely amaze me when things like this happened…and now, I find that I am pleased but not surprised. I wouldn’t want to live my life without this sort of awareness. It is such a joy to revel in my empathic ability. This is something I feel we as the human race own and now need to own up to.


My seed growing capability may seem magical but really it is merely empathy at work in an efficient way! I simply share this for whatever it may be worth to you. While the above is an example of how simple listening to capitalize on good timing presents a great outcome, the following example is one where some practiced listening skills make the difference for seeds.


Excerpt from the 14 Februay 2008 Daily Report

Meconopsis grandis, commonly known as the Himalayan Blue Poppy. This is one of the more challenging seeds to germinate. It is generally agreed that it takes hot and cold periods (put into the refrgerator, take out of the refrigerator, etc) and that germination can take upwards of 1 or more years.


I planted these seeds twice. 2 years ago I winter sowed one packet, which means I planted them and left them outdoors in the cold winter to freeze and thaw and freeze and thaw. This is a wonderful way to germinate many seeds but it didn’t work for the meconopsis seeds – or at least, I didn’t have the patience to water them for a year and find out!


So this second time, I decided to listen to the seeds themselves and hold space for them to walk them through the cycles they needed to pass through before they would be triggered to germinate. This process is energy work. I have only really worked with a few varieties of seeds this way – only the ones that need a long germination period – and found that the Himalayan Blue Poppy seeds really did have quite a long series of triggers. They had triggers that needed to be tumbled at the spirit levels, which is not a ususal thing at all.


The Results? I worked with 6 seeds about 3 weeks ago. 5 of the 6 seeds germinated within about 3 and a half weeks time – with no cold period and no special treatment of any sort.


Again, this is not magic or special ability – it is merely deeper listening using the empathy that we all have as standard equipment. Give your seeds a listen and you will be amazed at what can happen!