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The Portable Chair Perspective

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beachchairs10Want some new insights for questions or challenges in your life?

We can often learn a great deal about ourselves through a conscious exploration of what we think of as the very familiar territory of our own home and yard. Areas we have looked at with our eyes perhaps many thousands of times before but have never sat or stood upon are some of the prime places for our efforts.

It is like learning how to see another’s point of view by walking in their shoes. We each have literally hundreds of places in our very own homes and yard that we have never stood upon, deliberately or otherwise. We have hundreds of places that we have stood upon innumerable times but that we have never sat upon.

The simple act of changing our perspective so physically can be astounding. Wondrous new inner openings await us by placing ourselves very physically into spots of our home or yard where we have never before considered as a place to stand or sit.

How different is it to look at a pool on a hot summers’ day versus actually being inside that pool on that hot day? What we think or feel from a one dimensional view compared to what we would feel by being in the midst can open our world up.

If we feel stuck, this is a particularly wonderful way to gain new perspectives. There is always a new place we can stand to view our life differently. What I have found is that the more unconventional these places are, the better.

For example, when is the last time you deliberately sat down on any of the pathways around your home and yard? When is the last time you allowed your inner wisdom to propel you to some area of your yard that you may have looked at for years but had never actually stood upon?

Standing somewhere you’ve only ever looked at before and looking back at where you usually would be standing can be an exhilarating experience. We often think we need to travel to new destinations all over Earth to find the mystical places that can open inner doorways for us so fully,  but the fact is, we have plenty of places right in our own yard and home to explore more completely.

The portable chairs made of fabric and metal which are sold everywhere these days are the perfect tool for such quests. They will allow us to sit for a few minutes or longer absolutely anywhere we feel we want to see from a new vantage point. As we sit or stand in new places and thus shift our sight, we are shifting patterns and flows within ourselves.

The most illogical, out of the box places can be the best – such as right smack in the middle of walkways, between the vegetable rows in our garden or right on the mulch underneath or next to our favorite tree,. Inside the house, some of the best places are up against the wall so that you can look at the room from an entirely different perspective, on the counters or island in the kitchen or sitting right in the middle of the foyer. Once you get started with this you realize that there are almost endless possibilities to experience. New feelings quite often lead to new insights and those lead to movement of stuck patterns that have been causing our challenges.

We sometimes need to spend some quality time where we usually breeze by quickly, such as walkways both inside our home and outdoors in our yard. We need to lay down where we usually sit and we need to stand in places we have only ever looked at before.

These are not merely areas of our home or yard, they are areas of ourselves that we have not explored in such an intimate and personal way yet. Allowing ourselves the time and loving effort to see our home and yard from these new perspectives can lead us to exciting new sensations and serendipitous insights. Anywhere we can physically fit our body is a place that can benefit our inner process. It can leave us feeling as renewed as though we took some grand pilgrimage to a far away place. Indeed, we have.

There may be several places to experience as you work on a particular issue in your life. You might find that you want to revisit places or that you need to visit many places over a period of days, weeks or months for a particularly difficult life challenge.Some places may find you feeling you want to stand there for only seconds but others may make you want to set up camp with that portable chair and perhaps even a book and some tea so you can really hang out there to get a good feel on many levels.

It is as easy as focusing on a particular problem or issue in our life and then, as we continue to focus on that issue, allowing our intuitive to propel us to a particular spot or spots. We might begin by wandering slowly around our yard (or home) and stopping when we feel we are in the “right place.” Standing will give us a quite different perspective than sitting and laying will give us the most down to Earth view. We might even decide to explore one spot over several days or weeks, first standing there and then sitting or laying to get a rounded and full perspective. There are no rules beyond allowing ourselves to experience the familiar in brand news ways and thus begin gently shifting our inner terrain.

There is a wealth of new perspectives waiting for each of us. All it takes is a new and up-close view of some familiar places.