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The Space Between – our constant in a sometimes crazy world

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When you feel disconnected,  how do you regain this connection? If you have a relationship with someone that is a constant challenge, how can you create a better flow? 


When I work on reconnecting layers, redirecting the flow of interactional energy between two people, my process is always the same: I go directly to the space between all the personal boundaries of whomever I am looking at. The space between. Beyond polarizations, beyond our visible realm in every way except for our empathic sensory.


This is the true space where potential lies and where we access unconditional love in order for miracles to happen. Reconnection is always a miracle, whether it’s our liver to our kidneys, our mind with our body, our passion with our life or our communication with another person. It is this space between any two (or more) parts or beings that is the glue and the caccoon all at once. It is a pregnant and silent void that awaits the “instructions” of how to connect those that are interacting. All interactions between any two parties take place – or are locked up – in this space between them. It’s all happening there, where there are no boundaries. Where energy flows.


Where potential is unlimited and open.


Everything we can label has a boundary. We have a boundary. Our cells, organs and systems all have boundaries. Every particle and being on Earth has a boundary. And all of these boundaries are all, always, in relationship with one another. Some of them more glaringly , for us, than others of course. We are going to be far more aware of how that pizza we ate at midnight and our esophagus are interacting; much more so than how we are interacting with somebody we do not know in Taiwan. Usually we are lead to work on what is closest to us. But it does give rise to the oneness wisdom, and rightfully so. Everything is indeed all connected from what I can see and the space between is connection central.

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