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True North for True Health?

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chechclock2Recently within a session a very interesting insight came up that I am sharing for whatever you all may find it to be worth.   I thank my client for allowing me to share some of our session.

While working to strengthen the magnetic field,  all of a sudden we both felt a breakthrough and I received the impression that her magnetic field was now pointing or attuned to North.  This was the first time I had received such a direction-oriented insight with respect to the electromagnetic field.

It was my sense that this was happening in the brain and I had a quick personal flash back to information I’d  researched not long ago about how we humans have a tiny bit of magnetite in our pineal gland/ brain.  Likely this might serve a similar purpose as the magnetite that birds and animals have for navigation.

When I relayed the impression I had received there was a great deal of excitement – more than I expected!   She was positive this was a large turning point for her,  and, she said,  for people dealing with electrohypersensitivity.   She has done an enormous amount of research  about the effects of dirty electricity, RF and wireless on human cellular biology.  What she told me was that all our technology was eroding our directional capability in a very elemental way.

Basically, what we noted was that her magnetic field became more aligned and in steady flow with North.

As we continued to follow this thread  it was clear that our electric field is also involved and can also be looked at as having good alignment (or not) with the Earth and with north as well.

A barrage of information started to download;    what about those who face mental illnesses like schizophrenia?     How was  their electromagnetic field aligned with the Earth overall and with true north?  Could this be part of why the brain receives signals that are imbalanced?  And if it were damaged, had it been so since birth?    Are mental illnesses of all sorts aided by realigning our magnetic and / or electric field to north?  Can our physical body be aided by aligning our magnetic field to the Earth and to true north?

And there were more questions:    we have two brains.   We have the brain in our cranium and the brain in our gut.   Do they each run to their best capacity when aligned to  “true north”?  We did find for my client that while the brain was now aligned (and hadn’t been prior to this), the second brain in her gut was not yet aligned.   Clearly, then, one brain can be more aligned than the other.

Aligning our magnetic field fully to the Earth may perhaps be the most elemental of all relationships to fulfill.  This could possibly  “turn on” aspects of our brain.

Where Am I Going With This?

Well, there are no plans to do any double blind studies.  As with many insights I get each week I know there is some validity to them, but do not know what it all means necessarily.

However, I will be checking the magnetic field alignment with Earth for some who come my way, as I feel sure that there is some benefit to be gained.  Time will tell but I wanted to lay down our basic insight so that you can toss it around for yourself should you feel the interest.

Perhaps this is something that can be a salvation for many someday.   I welcome any insights you may have about this or that come to you in the future about this.  Please call or write – nothing is too small to share!