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Visualization – Energywork Technique Using A Circle

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If you are good at visualization / sensing this is an excellent way to get a very quick idea of how all your main layers are flowing with one another. If you have always wanted to be better at visualization or sensing overall then this is an easy technique to practice. The lovely thing about this technique is that you can do this anywhere, anytime, and no matter what position your body is in whether laying down, sitting or standing. The benefit to this technique is that when you begin to guide your layers into center, you will be doing formal energywork. Wait till you feel the changes as you work – if you have never done energywork before you are in for a wonderful awakening to the power and effectiveness of this healing format!


The Technique


Place yourself into a stillness so that you are very aware of your body. Once you have that (tuning out all else to whatever extent that is possible) then you place a large circle around yourself with your body in the center. This circle edge is far wider than you, maybe two meters all around you and you can visualize the circles’ edge on the ground.


When you have this all in focus, then you begin to separate yourself into layers. These layers will look like you, but be see-through versions. As you call them up to focus on them, let them appear wherever they may be in – or maybe even outside of – your circle. You are the observer in this technique so you are not using your mind to do anything at this point other than finding out where your main layers are located. If they are centered on your physiological body, that is desirable.


You ideally want to get a quick idea of where all of your main layers are first before you do anything in terms of focusing to pull them in to center. This is important because you need to get the lay of the land, so to speak. From this will naturally evolve a plan of action for which layers to work with first and then second. Do not force this. You need to spend time simply being in awareness of where you are at.


The main layers that you will be picturing as see-through versions of yourself are the Emotional body, Mental body, Intellectual body, Spiritual body, Intuitive or Empathic body and your Physical body. You might also decide to take a look at your Magnetic body and your Electric Body. Of note here, there is a distinction between your physical and your physiological body. Your actual body is your physiological body. This one is centered because you have placed yourself into the center. The rest of your layers , aka bodies, can be anywhere. Remember to allow yourself to show you where, rather than letting your desire to be centered throw off your ability to listen to yourself attentively.

Doing Some Energywork


When you have a basic sense of which parts of yourself you want to focus on, what you will do is simply hold a loving intent to allow that part of you to move back to center and join with your physiological body to become one again. You are not going “to do” anything beyond this. Let the process wind and unwind for as long as it takes – or you may feel that you have gotten to a certain point that is not centered but that feels like enough for the moment – and then you can train your focus on another aspect of yourself. We do not do anything but hold a focus using both our head and our heart on the desired outcome. That’s it. This is what I call “holding space for” . We hold space for and just allow the item we are focused upon to process itself. Ego gets out of the way, force is non-existant and love is present…this is everything we need to heal.


While this happens you will likely actually feel things subtly shifting as this process ensues. You may find your memory to be sharper after pulling mental body to center for example. You may feel less emotionally volatile when you pull your emotional body in towards center. You may even feel very physical types of things begin to feel more settled! Also do not be surprised if you see one or more layers of yourself dancing in the circle and not stationary in one location. At times, just getting that layer or layers to stand still is the object to go for and you can tackle centering at a later date. You can practice this technique as often as you like. The more you do, eventually you will find yourself shifting into shortcuts. This is another way of saying that your focus is far more present and your intuitive is functioning well – this cuts down the time required to accomplish the technique from start to finish.


You will likely feel the most urgency to approach parts of yourself that are showing to be outside your circle. This is far more common than you may think. In terms of our loss of power, anything outside the circle is not grounded or in place to be called upon to perform its specific job for creating a happy, productive life.


You might also visualize or feel one or more of your layers to be moving, amd if this is the case, take a moment to get a sense of whether this movement feels too fast or non-rythmical – is this part of you moving in a good way in other words or does this movement feel like a stress dance?


Those parts of you that are closest to center are probably less in need. If you have time to only work on one or two layers, then you will likely find yourself focusing on those outside your circle or those moving in great distress, but, of course, always follow your own wisdom and intuition on what to focus upon.


One of the deepest benefits of this easy technique is that we can truly begin to comprehend that we are simply an outpicturing of how centered and balanced our many layers are at any one moment!