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When Nothing Is Something

Filed Under: Self Awareness

When Nothing is Something


How often have you gone into the kitchen but could find nothing you particularly felt like eating or drinking? How about when you just can’t seem to name the music you want to hear? Or when your favorite fragrance leaves you feeling adrift? How about that rosebud soap that you’ve adored for the past month straight but which today you just can’t seem to bring yourself to pick up. And while you’re at it, you can’t seem to get excited about any of the scented soaps you’ve got in the house.


These are each instances of when we are likely cuing ourselves in for…nothing. To eat nothing. To drink perhaps just hot water instead of hot tea. When is the last time you enjoyed hot water , with nothing else in it, as a bona-fide beverage? You’d be surprised what a bit of nothing can do !


Driving in silence , without any music or talking of another filling our spaces can be so healing – so necessary – for a mind that is over-the-top on processing. And we will tell ourselves that need by feeling sounds are not as pleasing as we usually find them to be! Often what is best, is nothing. Nothing at all. It is such a neutral , invisible cue that we often miss it entirely. Such cues are easily overrun as we make ourselves wade through our current favorite list of “somethings” we can eat or drink or do or say or feel. How often have you stayed in the kitchen willing yourself to find something to eat or drink after all?


It is simply true that sometimes, the moments in our lives are best celebrated with nothing…no flavors, no scents, no sounds, no sights. I find that being willing to work with the principle of nothing at the right times is indeed very much something good for our empowerment! And anything empowering is also fulfilling which is how we can feel astoundingly full on nothing, nothing at all.